A developed agricultural industry, a rich natural-reserved fund and cooperation with international institutions – the first achievements of the Rozdors’ka TC

Rozdors’ka village territorial community is located in the east of the Dnipropetrovsk region, in an ecologically clean area, among picturesque forests, ponds and beams.

According to legend, the name of the main settlement of the community dates back to the times of the Ukrainian Cossacks. In the XVII century, on the banks of the Tersa River, a Cossack named Rozdora founded a farmstead. Gradually, other Cossacks with their families settled around, hence the name – Rozdory.

On the territory of the community, there is a linear elevator with a one-time storage capacity of 12 thousand tons. Founded back in 1963, it now handles wheat, barley, sunflower and corn within 24 hours, providing storage services to local businesses and farms. The elevator is equipped with a modern laboratory certified to work with all types of crops, including the aforementioned ones.

Two lines for receiving grain by road provide a capacity of 800 tons per day, and a profitable logistics infrastructure allows a total of up to 1000 tons of products to be shipped per day by cars and rail. Also, the Rozdors’ky elevator is equipped with a grain dryer and the necessary cleaning and transport equipment.

In general, agriculture is the leading sector of the community’s economy, forming about 50% of the budget, and the main enterprises are:

  • FH «AVHUST 1»;
  • SFH «VILNE»;
  • SFH «LIUS»;

Their main specialization is the cultivation of corn (for grain), wheat, sunflowers, barley, oil seed rape and yellow peas.

«DNIPROAHROALIANS» LLC is the largest enterprise in this area. At the moment, this farm covers 8021 hectares of arable land or more than 60% of the agricultural land of the community, forming about two hundred workplaces.

The Rozdors’ka TC is an example of a «green community» with a rich natural-reserved fund, which is taken care of by representatives of the authorities together with initiative groups of residents. The hydrographic system is formed by the rivers Nizhnyaya and Srednyaya Tersa and Volch’ya, as well as ponds located in the villages of Rozdollya, Starovyshnevetske, Parne and Vodyane. Most of the water bodies have equipped places for recreation of residents and guests of the community.

There are more than ten beams on the territory, including Sukha, Kalyuzhna, Popova, Parna and others, as well as the «Starovyshnevetsky» landscape reserve with an area of ​​109 hectares and the «Rozdors’ky» botanical reserve with an area of ​​15 hectares. Both objects were founded in 1985 and are included to the natural-reserved fund of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

«Starovyshnevetsky» is a typical massif of ravine steppe forests. The main tree species: maple, pear, apple, linden, ash, elm, sometimes there are centenary plantations of oaks of particular value. One of the rarest plants in the region is found in the grass cover –Tulipa quercetorum, which is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

In 2019, the community received support from one of the most famous international institutions. The German Society for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH) has joined the project «Overhaul of the Vyshnevetske educational complex Sports Hall» in the village of Starovyshnevetske.

Razdorskaya TC is open for cooperation and business initiatives, and also offers three buildings with a total area of ​​740 m2 for the implementation of investment projects.

Following the link you can find the main «tool for getting to know the community» –Investment Profile of TC.

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