Continuing the column “Investment Profiles of the amalgamated territorial communities”, we present you the potential of the Apostolivska city amalgamated territorial community. The competitiveness of the territory is ensured by agricultural, industrial and logistics enterprises.

Further economic growth, in community’s opinion, is in the following priorities:

  • grain and oilseeds growing;
  • processing of agricultural products (milk and honey);
  • production of building materials;
  • warehousing services.

Today Apostolivska ATC is organically related to agriculture, as the territory of the community is mostly fertile lands. A significant part of enterprises specialize in grain and oilseeds growing. Barley for malt, oilseed rape, millet and rye are also cultivated here.

In addition to the traditional cultivation for the community, considerable attention is paid to the development of the processing industry and mechanical engineering:

  • “Agro Milk”​ LLC; PE “Alliance-Prestige” – milk processing, butter and cheese production;
  • “Alvarium Ukraine” LLC; “Smak Medu” – processing and sale of beekeeping products;
  • PE “Sigma” – production of unrefined/refined oils and fats.
  • “Apostolivahromash” LLC – production of agricultural machinery (field rollers, cultivators, disc harrows), pumps of various types; repair and maintenance service.

Two grain elevators, owned by “Apostolo-Agro” LLC and located near the railway stations in Apostolove and village Zhovte, provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to carry out railway loading with a capacity of 500 and 300 tons per day, respectively.

The availability of natural resources and infrastructure ensures the development of the mining industry. In Zhovtokamiansk quarry which operates on the territory of the community, PJSC “Kryvyi Rih Cement” carries out industrial mining of limestone and clay.

With a view to further development, the community offers projects to create a livestock complex and oil production, as well as 35 hectares of vacant land plots for various purposes to implement business ideas.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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