Balanced development of crop and livestock production and tourist potential of LYASHKIVSKA COMMUNITY

Lyashkivska village territorial community is located on the border of Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions. The center of the community is the picturesque village of Lyashkivka, the history of which dates back to the XVIII century. The territory of TC is 82 thousand km² and includes nine villages with a population of 2.2 thousand people. The economically active population of the community is 1.6 thousand people, of which more than 500 people are employed in production and agriculture.

Agriculture is basic in ensuring the economic security of society and is focused mainly on the cultivation of grain and industrial crops. They are the leaders in terms of volume and profitability of production.

The community’s agricultural land is 5 742.5 hectares of arable land, on which are sown:

  • 62% of cereals and legumes, including: 17.3% – winter wheat, 12.5% – spring barley, 28.4% – corn for grain;
  • 23% – industrial crops, including: 20% – sunflower, 2.4% – rapeseed;
  • 5% – fodder crops;
  • 7% – vegetables, melons and potatoes.

In the livestock industry, as of 2019, the number of livestock in agribusinesses in the community was 420 head of cattle, including 359 cows and 6,975 pigs.

The main producers of meat and milk in the community are PE “National”, a subsidiary of “National-Plus” whose land bank is 1154 hectares, and individual farms.

PE “National” has been engaged in the community for 19 years in the breeding of cows, sheep, pigs and the production of milk and sunflower oil. The enterprise also grows cereals and leguminous crops.

The tourist potential of Lyashkivska community is determined by its natural uniqueness and considerable potential. In the village of Lyashkivka there is a decorative “Garden” with an area of 40 hectares, which belongs to the nature reserve fund. Fragments of the Ukrainian fortified line of the middle of the the XVIII century remain near the village of Zalelia, and one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, the Oril, flows in the villages of Lozuvatka and Pomazanivka.

The community sees further growth in the following priorities:

  • plant growing;
  • breeding of cattle, sheep and pigs;
  • development of the cooperative movement.

In order to attract investment, the community offers 2 vacant land plots and an investment project to modernize the capacity of the enterprise for the production of sunflower oil.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of Lyashkivska community by the link.