BOHDANIVSKVA ATC: leadership in the financial capacity rating. Industrial park as a tool for promising development

Bohdanivskva amalgamated territorial community is among the five leaders in terms of financial capacity. Own income – 6.3 thousand UAH per capita provides the 2nd place in the group of communities with a population from 10 to 15 thousd. people.

Today, 70% of the community budget is formed due to the developed mining industry, namely revenues from the activities of the “Samarska” and “Dniprovska” mines, which are part of the DTEK Group. These enterprises provide about 2 thousand jobs.

The sectoral structure of the economy of Bohdanivskva ATC is represented by the sectors of industry, construction and agriculture.

The main driver of economic growth of the community is the further development of industry. This is confirmed by the existing industrial park “Pavlohrad”, with an area of 250 hectares.

The territory of the park is potentially divided into 5 zones:

  • mechanical engineering (65 hectares),
  • chemical industry and production of building materials (50 hectares),
  • logistics complex (50 hectares),
  • light industry (30 hectares),
  • electronics and IT technologies (55 ha).

The industrial park is located close to the railway stations Pavlohrad-1 (distance 12 km) and Pavlohrad-2 (distance 1.5 km).

The management company of the park “Pavlohrad” is the state enterprise “Investment and Innovation Center”. At present, interested companies are being sought to locate their production facilities in the industrial park.

The construction industry contributes to the economic growth of the community and the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

“Eurobud Plus” LLC has already been operating here for 12 years, specializing in the comprehensive provision of services in the field of road construction. The company provides 200 workplaces. During this period about 1500 road construction projects have been implemented. The company also has 3 plants for the production of asphalt concrete and crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete mixtures, two of which operate in the Dnipropetrovsk region (Pavlohrad).

In addition, carry out their activities: “YURBUDSERVICE” LLC (construction of residential and non-residential buildings) and “NOVA OSNOVA” LLC (production of non-metallic mineral products).

The main goal of the community’s agricultural development is to create a modern competitive agro-industrial complex. The implementation of ambitious goals is ensured by the functioning of agricultural enterprises specializing in both crop production and animal husbandry.

FG “Saterenko” breeds dairy cattle. The farm has 93 heads of cattle and 47 heads of young cattle.

“NYVA” LLC specializes in sheep breeding (300 heads) and cultivation of industrial crops (corn, sunflower, wheat, barley, perennial grasses), having a land bank of 3429 hectares.

“AGRICULTURAL COMPANY NAMED AFTER B. KHMELNYTSKYY” LLC with a land bank of 2939.03 hectares, specializes in growing of sunflower.

“Agro KMR” LLC is a company with French investments, which has been active in the communities of Pavlohrad district for 14 years.

In Bohdanivskva ATC, the company leases more than 4,000 hectares of land, while in the Trinity community – more than 8,000 hectares. The company effectively uses the latest technologies and innovative material and technical base, which helps to increase productivity and profitability. The company’s products are exported to various regions, including the European Union, Maghreb and Asia.

The community sees further development in the following priorities:

  • activity of the industrial park “Pavlohrad”;
  • stimulating the cooperative movement (dairy production, growing vegetables, organic products and beekeeping);
  • creation of processing enterprises of agricultural products.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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