Modern global trends are increasingly creating the demand for hotels located far from densely peopled cities. An additional advantage of this location is the opportunity to spend time alone with nature, relax in the fresh air with your family and restore your emotional state.

Experts confirm the beginning of the restoration of the hotel industry in Ukraine starting from the end of 2020. Among other holiday and week-end destinations, out-of-town hotels were able to successfully survive the lockdown and “close the season” with a profit, continuing their activities.

Dnipropetrovsk region is well known for its picturesque locations, where country hotels and recreation centers are located.

On the territory of the Raivska TC, in a cozy area outside the village of Voronove is an object that is offered to potential investors to create a suburban boutique hotel on the banks of the Dnipro River.

The two-storey building with an area of ​​650 m2 is equipped with 6 large rooms, which can simultaneously accommodate up to 15 people.

The territory with a total area of ​​8.2 hectares is planted with conifers and is ideal for walking in the fresh air. Additionally, gazebos and barbecue areas can be placed here.

On the coastline with an area of ​​58 acres and a length of 350 meters there is a mooring and a pier for yachts and boats, as well as a boathouse for their storage, so it is possible to get here from Dnipro in less than an hour both by road and water.

Details of this investment proposal are available here.

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