Chinese investments as one of the drivers for the elevator industry development, the production of pasta and an energy-efficient hub school – the achievements of the Svyatovasylivska TC

Svyatovasylivska territorial community was created at the end of 2015 as a result of the merger of 4 village councils and is located in the southwestern part of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

The territory is actively developing, and the dominant sector of the economy, which forms more than 20% of the budget, is agriculture, represented by the following main enterprises:

  • S(F)H «PAS», – 43524 ha;
  • «MRIYA-SERVICE» LLC, – 3472 ha;
  • S(F)H «ROSTOK-L», – 581 ha;

Linear grain elevator «Belgraviya» LLC has been successfully operating in Svyatovasylivska TC for more than 10 years. This enterprise belongs to «Cofco Agri Resources Ukraine», which is part of the Chinese national grain, oil and food corporation «COFCO». It is one of the largest producers and traders of agricultural products, as well as the largest food producer of China. In Ukraine, the corporation is engaged in trade and processing of agricultural products.

The total capacity of the elevator simultaneous storage is 49000 tons, there are 4 grain dryers and equipment for cleaning grain products (separators) with a capacity of 200-300 tons/hour. The favorable geographic location of the elevator near the «Ryasna» railway station allows loading (600 tons/day) and shipment to railway grain haulers (22 wagons/day). The elevator works with such crops as: wheat, barley, corn, peas, sunflower and has a certified laboratory for grain quality control.

One of the most successful cases of business development on the territory of the community is the S(F)H «Bushtruk». It is a family business located in the village of Svyatovasylivka and has been operating since 1992. At the moment S(F)H «Bushtruk» is one of the largest domestic producers and exporters of pasta products. This is the only enterprise in Ukraine that uses special flour obtained from glasslike grain for the production.

The enterprise uses Italian equipment from Braibanti, and the world’s best Landucci matrices, while pasta is produced according to classic Italian technology using only Ukrainian wheat. In terms of quality, the products are as close as possible to durum wheat pasta. The assortment of the company consists of 17 types of short-cut pasta and 4 types of long-cut pasta (spaghetti, spaghettini, bucatini and linguini). The company’s products are exported to 11 countries of the world and sold on 3 continents.

The community pays special attention to the development of education, since children and schoolchildren make up almost 20% of the total population. The hub school in the village of Svyatovasylivka was built back in 1971 and since that time not a single major overhaul has been carried out. At the moment, the reconstruction of the school, which began in 2018, is nearing completion: the interior of the building has been completely renovated, an energy-efficient facade made of red fiber tiles (facing material with a low degree of flammability that can retain heat for a long time) has been built, solar panels have been installed on the roof, and the entrance is equipped with a ramp. The football field of the school stadium has also undergone significant changes: artificial turf is being laid here, and new sports grounds for volleyball, basketball and tennis, as well as running tracks, will be covered with rubber.

On the first floor, there are spacious workshops with new machines and sewing machines for conducting arts and crafts lessons. After the completion of the reconstruction, more than 200 children will study at the school.

Svyatovasylivska TC sees further successful development in:

  • energy efficiency, developing renewable energy sources and modern technologies in the field of energy efficiency;

  • comprehensive support for agriculture and industry, small and medium-sized enterprises;

  • development of education, culture, health care and support of civil society institutions;

  • development of «green tourism»;

  • improving the provision of public services and developing infrastructure.

The territory offers 2 land plots with a total area of ​​6 hectares for the implementation of business projects.

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