Devladivska rural territorial community is located in the south-west of Dnipropetrovsk region. The presence of a railway station and location along a national route, contributes to the creation of logistics infrastructure, and connects several major cities – Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Kamyanske and Nikopol at the same time. The area is a deposit of granite, sand and nickel ores. The community aims to enhance its own image as a territory attractive for investment and cooperation.

The local economy is based on agricultural production. The economic potential, first of all, is to improve the conditions of agricultural development and crop diversification, compliance with plant breeding standards, restoration of animal breeding, including fish farming, revival of traditional beekeeping, horticulture, and development of agricultural processing enterprises.

There are 78 agricultural entities operating in Devladivska TC. Their activities are focused mainly on growing crop products. The enterprises with the largest land bank specializing in the cultivation of grain, legumes and oilseeds are: LLC “Maiiak”, FH “Liudmyla”, FH “SOBOL SL”, FH “Velych”, FH “Prybutkove”, FH “Rosava”, FH “Zhytnytsia Agro”, FH “DON”.

A unique one is FH “ASTRON” which specialises not only in grain growing, but also in growing hemp, spicy, aromatic and medicinal crops. Vegetables and melons are also grown on the territory: FH “UMIS”, FH “AIR”, LLC “Maiiak”, FH “Vyrii”.

Services for storage and certification of agricultural products in the community are provided by two elevators: “Devladivskyi” with a capacity of simultaneous storage of 25 thousd tons and “Kernel elevator Devladove” – 63 thousd tons.

Livestock is represented by enterprises that raise poultry, dairy cattle and are engaged in pig breeding: LLC “Zerno”, FH “Liudmyla” FH “Zavyalivka”, FH “Dolyna”, FH “Zlata Kalyna”, FY “Salyut”, LLC “YUH”.

Here, in the valley of the river Saksagan, there is the Makortivske reservoir, with a water surface area of 1,300 ha and a volume of 57.9 million m³. It is used for drinking and industrial water supply. It is partially used for recreational purposes. There are also 34 ponds with a total area of 222.9 hectares, where LLC “KRYVORIZHRYBA”, LLC “HAVAN DSI” carry out activities in the field of freshwater fishing and fish farming.

The community sees its further development in the following priorities:

  • promoting domestic and foreign investment;
  • improving the quality of infrastructure;
  • improvement of settlements in TG;
  • creation of an ecologically safe center;
  • creating conditions for the community’s residents to realize their learning and creative potential;
  • raising the living standards of the population and maintaining their employment and activity.

In order to attract investment, the community offers 4 land plots of 58.5 hectares and 1 object of real estate.

More information about the area and its special features can be found in the Investment Profile of the TC.