Zaitsivska amalgamated territorial community has supplemented the section «Investment Profiles of ATC», initiated by DIA’s experts at the beginning of 2020.

Agriculture is the main specialization of the territory, as 80% of the land is used in this direction. The community has two large agricultural enterprises, PJSC «Agro-Soyuz» and Company «Mais», as well as 24 farms and 831 individual farmers.

PJSC «Agro–Soyuz» is one of the largest enterprises in the region for the cultivation of corn, wheat and sunflower, which has a land bank of more than 8 thousand ha. Elevator Agro-Soyuz (Maiske) is one of the first elevators with metal silos built in Ukraine, capable of storing up to 32 thousand tons of grain. Since 2003, the company has been engaged in industrial breeding of black African ostriches. Today the ostrich farm is one of the largest farms of this type in Ukraine and Europe. Also, cattle and pigs are raised here.

Company «Mais» is a developer of basic breeding forms and commercial corn hybrids. For 25 years, the company has created its own genetic bank, which contains several thousand selection samples. This is an enterprise with a closed cycle of branded seed production, which has its own licensed laboratory for the quality of seed products. All stages – creation of hybrids, growing seeds and their subsequent sale – occur within one structure. In addition, the Company is a member of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA), the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA).

The uniqueness of the community is emphasized by the activities of the Avia-Soyuz Aviation Company, which is located at the Maiske airfield. The main activities are: aviation and sports (parachute club, airplane flights and pilot school) and business aviation (charter flights in Ukraine and neighboring countries).

The aerodrome has an extensive infrastructure:

  • a modern office building with classrooms for pilots and parachutists;
  • recreation areas for guests;
  • own flight control tower;
  • an equipped asphalt-concrete aircraft parking area;
  • a specially prepared unpaved runway.

This is the place where the vibrant «Free Sky» air show takes place every year. Aerobatics and stunts from skydivers give unforgettable emotions and impressions to visitors and encourage them to come back here again.

The main employment sphere of Zaitsivska ATC population is the cultivation of agricultural products on their own land. Winter wheat, barley, sunflower, corn – this is not a complete list of plants that are grown by individual farmers, the number of which reaches 41%. This provides an opportunity for the creation and development of the agricultural cooperative movement.

Realizing the necessity to diversify the directions of its development, the community identifies the following priorities:

  • development of horticulture, viticulture, greenhouses, beekeeping through the creation of agricultural cooperatives;
  • development of the service sector (hairdressing salons, dressmaking, shoe repair, etc.);
  • development of small and medium-sized businesses in green tourism.

More details about the community’s offers can be found in the Investment Profile of ATC at the link.