Hrechanopodivska rural amalgamated territorial community is an economically stable and socially integrated territory that strives for high-quality and sustainable development, with innovative use of available resources and modern opportunities.

The community is among the ten leaders in terms of financial efficiency in the group of communities with a population of up to 5 thousand people. A confirmation of the exemplary approach to funds effective management was the ATC’s victory in the budget transparency rating “Crystal of the Year 2019” in the nomination “The most creative information campaign for collecting proposals to the budget”. Assessment of communities and their budgets was carried out according to the general methodology implemented by the USAID DOBRE and U-LEAD with Europe programs.

According to the rating of the Regional Center for Economic Research and Business Support Foundation, Hrechanopodivska ATC entered the top 20 communities of Dnipropetrovsk region, taking 7th place. The study takes into account 40 indicators and reflects the investment attractiveness of communities in 2020.

Realizing the necessity of high-quality information presence and supporting digitalization trends, Hrechanopodivska community is actively introducing digital tools to promote the image of its territory. Thanks to the financial support of international programs, the ATC created a website on the Dosvit platform according to modern IT canons and a digital accounting system for its own land assets on the ArcGIS Online platform. This approach contributes to the broadest and most detailed representation of the community’s resource potential.

The economy of the community is exclusively agricultural in nature. The ATC is dominated by medium and small agricultural enterprises. There are no large enterprises, the so-called latifundia. In total, 41 economic entities are registered on the territory of the community.

The crop raising sector is focused primarily on the cultivation of grain and industrial crops. They are leaders in terms of production volume and profitability, correspond to an efficient market infrastructure and contribute to the formation of the corresponding demand. Among grain-fodder crops, the main place is occupied by barley and millet. Sunflower remains the main crop for the production of raw oil in the community.

The main enterprises are Svitanok LLC, Oleksandrivske 2014 LLC, Stepove Agrofirm LLC, Private Enterprise “Niyolia”, Farming Enterprise “Astarta” and Farming Enterprise “Dar”. There are also several hundred small individual farms, which differ from private farms in small areas of cultivated land. Enterprises of all forms of ownership are effectively renewing and replacing agricultural machinery.

Livestock farming is developing on the basis of small households. According to rough estimates, the total number of cattle is 600.

The community sees further economic growth in the following priorities:

  • growing grain and oilseeds;
  • development of poultry farming;
  • implementation of “green” projects.

To implement business ideas, the community offers:

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.