Hubynyska territorial community is economically stable, open for international cooperation, aimed at providing quality living conditions and obtaining a full list of administrative and social services.

The economy of the community is diversified, in the structure of which the key role is played by: industry, agriculture and tourism.

The industry of the territory is powerful, successful, based on the latest technologies and provided with highly professional staff. A striking example is the German-Ukrainian enterprise – machine-building plant DUCO-TECHNIC. It is intensively developing activities in the following main areas: production of equipment for the food industry, technological design, production and supply of consumables and components, development and implementation of energy-saving technologies, engineering. The company’s equipment has European certification and is exported to markets near and far abroad.

The food industry in the community is formed by “Karadras – UKRAINE” LLC – tea and coffee production. LLC PE “MAG” – production of flour confectionery, cakes and short-term cakes. “DMK” DNIPROMLYN” LLC – production of flour and cereals industry products. PE Dnipro Food Company “SKIFIA” – processing and canning of vegetables and fruits, not included in other groups. The company imports products from China.

International cooperation is also supported by “POWER PRO” LLC. Under its own brand “Power Pro” the company produces more than 200 items of sports nutrition and self-care items. The company takes part in formation of sport and healthy culture of the society, is a leader in its field and sponsors championships in various sports.

The construction industry is represented by “Hubynykhskyi izvestkovyi zavod” LLC, which is part of the group of companies “Ukrspetsizvest” and takes the leading place in production of high-quality lime and gypsum mixture in Ukraine. “Kupianskyi sylikatnyi kombinat” LLC and “B-ARS RESOURCE” LLC, “Pamur” LLC are also involved, additionally produce bricks, concrete products, tiles and other construction products.

The community manufactures wood products, available sawmilling and shaving production, which is represented by SE “Novomoskovsk Military Forestry” and “BIO-MIG” LLC. Interesting is “Ahatan” LLC, which manufactures products from cork, straw and plant materials for weaving, wooden building structures and joinery. And the manufacturers of plastic containers, metal tanks, reservoirs and containers are: “TM ADER Ukraine” and “Ukrainian Ecoeurosystems” LLC.

Favorable climatic conditions make it possible to use areas for growing seedlings of ornamental outdoor plants and winter-hardy varieties of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees. FH “Kulakovskyh” specializes in this, which pays great attention to soil restoration through natural arable farming. There is a farm for breeding red Californian worm, which contributes to the rapid processing of organic waste of any origin. Liquid biogumata extract Also improves the physiological condition of plants, increases the efficiency of fertilizers and the resistance of plants to stress and obtain environmentally safe products. It is produced by “Zhyvorost” LLC.

The community is famous for its highly efficient agricultural sector and entrepreneurship. Many companies are engaged in mixed farming, simultaneously developing both livestock and crop production. LLC “Agrofirm named after Horkyi” has significant irrigation areas for growing grain and potatoes. Also, its own procurement fodder base allows to grow highly productive cattle Holstein-Friesian breed. Here directly produce: raw sunflower and safflower oil, mixtures for animal feed. These products are exported abroad.

Pig breeding is developing on the territory. “AGROFIRM VILNE – 2002” LLC has a herd of pigs: the total number of pigs is 28,180, of which 2,400 are breeding stock. “AHROCOMPLEX TEMP” LLC and “ALHEN” LLC also work in this direction. And INCUBATION STATION” LLC breeds poultry.

Exceptional is Ahrotandem-Plus LLC, which produces compost based on Polish and Dutch technologies for growing mushrooms. At present, the volume of production is 1,200 tons per month. 300 kg of fresh, high-quality mushrooms are collected from each ton of compost.

The growth in demand for food stimulates the development of horticultural enterprises existing in the community. Companies that grow pome and stone fruits, nuts: VSK “Novomoskovskyi fruit garden” (nectarine), FH “SAD” (apple), FH “Meteor” (grape, plum), FH “Alpha” – walnut, FH “Ekosad 2012”, FH “Alokhin”,”Eco-SAD” LLC. “Yahidnyi Dar” LLC – sells high-quality garden remontant varieties strawberries of its own crop and grapes.

Modern, attractive and environmentally friendly space creates comfortable and safe conditions for the development of green tourism facilities, due to the natural diversity and convenient geographical location. Thus, on the territory of “Yahidnyi Dar” LLC  euro-tent eco-camp is arranged for children.  An educational and entertaining project for schoolchildren “Berry Land” has been introduced here – a new direction of children’s recreation organization, where the main emphasis is placed on the child’s personality and harmonious development.

In the suburban complex “Try Vedmedi” there is a zoo with rare animals, also here you can arrange horseback riding through the woods and along the picturesque coast of the Samara River, to swim on boats and catamarans. You can also work here by organizing a business training, team building or a master class..

For sport fishing fans, the community invites to visit the “Rybalskyi Khutir”, which welcomes guests at any time of the year. The local pond has a very diverse species of farmed fish: mirror carp, Romanian carp, crucian carp, roach, white amur, silver carp, pike, perch.

Another wonderful place for a family vacation is Boutique Hotel “Vidradne”, which is located in a unique place with an oak grove and a pine forest, on the shore of an unusually beautiful clean lake with spring water. The complex offers all kinds of outdoor activities and the opportunity to enjoy author’s meals made of natural organic farm products in a local restaurant.

In the community there is a botanical reserve of national importance – Balka Bandurka, with an area of 125 hectares, which has scientific and recreational value. And also Novostepanivskyi entomological reserve of local importance with an area of 245 hectares, created to preserve the area with steppe and shrub nectar-bearing vegetation for the life of wild bees and bumblebees.

The community sees its further development in the following priorities:

  • creation of favorable conditions for the entrepreneurship,
  • increasing the volume of agricultural products and their processing,
  • protection and preservation of the natural environment,
  • inter-municipal and international cooperation.

Hubynyska territorial community offers investors 1 land plot of 25.6 hectares for the realization of business ideas.

Detailed information about the community can be found in the Investment Profile of TC.