ILARIONIVSKA ATC: czech investments in light industry, innovative metal production and energy efficient kindergarden

Ilarionivska amalgamated territorial community is the second in the list of those that appeared on the map of the Synelnykove district in the fall of 2017. It included the Illarionove village and Maryevka village councils.

The territorial structure of the community has a clear division into two parts between which the railway tracks pass. The Ilarionove station was opened back in 1873 and currently has a cargo capacity of 50 wagons per day. At the same time, the regional branch of the Prydniprovska Railway JSC Ukrainian Railways, of which the railway station is a part, is one of the largest budget-forming enterprises on the territory of the ATC together with PJSC DTEK Dniprooblenergo and agricultural holding «Zhuley», which together provide about 50% of receipts to the budget.

One of the unique enterprises is Prabos Ukraine LLC, a local branch of the Czech company Prabos plus, which has located part of its facilities in the community and has invested in the development of production. The enterprise has been operating for more than 3 years and specializes in sewing special footwear for military, firefighters and pilots. In particular, some products are made specifically for the NATO army.

Foliant Metiz LTD is one of the main players in the industrial sector of the community, operating on the market since 2007. This is a factory for the production of hardware, mesh, wire and other metal products, located in the village of Pervomayske. Now the assortment consists of 15 main items, and the plant employs more than 50 professionals who create high quality products.

A significant proportion of the working-age population is employed in agriculture. One of the leading enterprises in this industry is agricultural holding «Nezabutne», which has at its disposal a land bank of more than 43 thousand hectares and specializes in the cultivation of corn, as well as the «Zhuley», which grows wheat and sunflower. These agricultural enterprises have been successfully operating on the territory of the community for over 20 years. It is also worth noting the agricultural holding «Lax» and «Agrofield» LLC, which, in addition to corn, wheat and sunflower, grow barley for malt and yellow peas.

The community’s cultural initiatives deserve special attention. A striking example is the «Holiday of Honey». During this event, master classes from beekeepers are held, tasting of various types of honey, as well as a fair where you can buy products from local farms and craftsmen. Residents call Ilarionivska ATC «the honey community» for the high quality of honey and the number of households that keep bees and produce honey. Since February 2018, the public organization «Union of beekeepers of the Ilarionivska ATC» began to operate, which is engaged in the development and support of beekeeping.

Sports and a healthy lifestyle are an integral part of the life of the ATC residents. This is confirmed by numerous local and regional football, volleyball and boxing tournaments. Several football teams take part in the competition, in particular «Phoenix», «Ilarionove», «Mayak», «Dynamo Shakhtarske», as well as two volleyball teams. The community has an initiative group «Ilarionove for a Healthy Lifestyle», which actively promotes sports and helps to improve places of leisure and recreation.

Since the creation of Ilarionivska ATC, one of the priority directions of its development has become the implementation of educational initiatives. For the first time in 15 years, a kindergarten of an absolutely new format upon the European project is being built here from scratch. The building is made in the form of a honeycomb, the boiler room runs on biofuels, and the roof has solar panels. Additionally, the courtyard of the institution is equipped with a heating system. The modern kindergarten will provide more than 30 additional workplaces and will be commissioned by the end of 2020.

On the territory of the community there are two objects of the nature reserve fund of the Dnipropetrovsk region. The first is the ichthyologic reserve Balka Vorona in the village of Maryevka. The second object is the source of the Mayachka river in the Ilarionove village. In addition, there are 7 ponds on the territory, suitable for industrial fish and crayfish breeding, as well as the creation of recreational areas. Initiative groups of residents maintain the proper condition of these water bodies.

Ilarionivska ATC identifies several promising areas that should ensure further development and create conditions for attracting investments.

Among them:

  • beekeeping and products of its processing, as well as the creation of farms for apitherapy;
  • growing berries and production of original range of fruit and berry products.

9 land plots with a total area of ​​more than 8.5 hectares are proposed for the implementation of business initiatives, as well as a project of creation of logistics infrastructure in the community.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offers in more detail in the ATC Investment Profile at the link.

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