Industrial Park “Innovation Forpost”: competition to select the management company

An open competition was announced in the city of Dnipro to select the management company of the Industrial Park “Innovation Forpost”.

The corresponding decision was made by the deputies of the City Council during the regular session on September 2.

The management company will attract investments in the Industrial Park, as well as create infrastructure.

Applicants must submit a business plan and presentation materials for consideration by the competition committee.

Applications for participation in the competition can be submitted within 30 days from the date of publication of the City Council decision.

After the applications’ acceptance completion, the competition committee will submit for consideration by the Dnipro city council deputies the proposals of the applicant who meets the requirements. The winner will be approved by the decision of the City Council session.

Industrial Park “Innovation Forpost” is a large-scale investment project focused on the development and implementation of progressive developments in the field of information and communication, biological technologies, instrumentation, electronics, energy conservation and the use of alternative energy sources.