Innovativeness of CHUMAKIVSKA TС: European vegetable storages, the largest breeding farm of cows, well-known food brands

Chumakіvskа TC is an active, investment-attractive and financially independent community, effectively using natural resources for the development of the agricultural sector and industry. It is an area of modern educational network with innovative technologies and comfortable places for recreation and sports.

Advantage is a favorable economic and geographical location – in the proximity to the city of Dnipro  with favorable transport links. The company has a significant area of land with fertile black earth. This creates favorable conditions for diversification of agriculture – growing wheat, corn, sunflower, vegetables, as well as the development of dairy cattle and sheep breeding.

There are unique enterprises with a strong production base and significant tourist infrastructure.

One of the leaders of the Ukrainian vegetable market is a representative of the community –  VPK “Agro” LLC. It  was founded in 2006 and specializes in cultivation and long-term storage of vegetable crops, The company is a leader in the production of  many types of cabbages, potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, sugar corn and a pioneer in growing root and stem celery. The company unassisted implements the entire cycle of the production process. Testing of  new varieties and hybrids of different types of cabbages from all foreign seed companies working in Ukraine is being done on the basis of the company. As well  different experiments on the subject of  storage of product qualities of grown vegetable novelties  are  held in modern and powerful European-level vegetable storage facilities with a total capacity of 34 000 tons. The company  uses over 1000 ha of land for its own production. 90% of the cultural land is equipped with automated rain settings of Renke frontal system and Netafim drip irrigation system.

Due to the comprehensive activities of enterprises, the sports component of the community is also formed. The company is the main sponsor of the professional Ukrainian football club FC VPK-Agro which was founded in 2011. The team participates in the second league of the Ukrainian championship and the Ukrainian Football Cup.

PE “Peremoha AVK” – a large producer of agricultural products, which is also engaged in sheep breeding, there are about 200 heads, also has a herd of cattle and pigs. The company owns a 20,000-ton elevator.

Horse breeding is a promising direction of the territory. There is a hotel and restaurant complex and equestrian base “Ozeryshche “,“Dnіpropetrovsk Stud Farm” LLC, and an equestrian school in MVK “Yekaterynoslavskyi” LLC.

MVK “Yekaterynoslavskyi” LLC – is the largest breeding farm of Brown Swiss cows, the milk of which is characterized by a high content of fats and proteins. There are 5,500 animals, of which 1,300 are dairy cows. There is a laboratory where the quality of milk is controlled, the supply of which is carried out to the following companies: “Lasunka”, “Zlahoda”, “Lactalis”. Another direction of the enterprise’s activity is the production of compound feeds.

The community’s processing industry provides additional demand for local livestock products.

“YERMAK GOLD” LLC is a production and trade enterprise for deep-frozen meat semi-finished products, sausages, and canned meat under the “Yermolino Products” brand. It is a fully automated plant, which provides 805 jobs. All products are certified and undergo intensive quality control.

Since 1997, “Zorya Dnipra” LLC has been operating on the territory is a meat factory, which specializes in the production of meat and meat products, milk processing and cheese production, wholesale trade in meat and meat products.

There are small enterprises on the territory that specialize in production:

  • furniture – LLC “BRV KYIV”,
  • rubber boats – SP Doprynda O.V,
  • confectionery – SP Nesterenko I.

And services are provided:

  • transport – LLC “TTK-ALLIANCE”,
  • car repair and maintenance – LLC “ONYX”, FOP Mostyka Y.S. – repair of agricultural machinery,
  • growing decorative flowers and trees – PE Zubova L.O.

The community sees further economic growth in:

  • development of crop and livestock production;
  • implementation of energy efficiency initiatives;
  • food production.

To implement business ideas the community offers 3 land plots, with a total area of ≈ 5 ha on which 2 non-residential buildings with an area of 1208 m² are located

For more details on all the proposals, please refer to the Investment Profile by the link.

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