“The Sanatorium “Holiday Resort Orlivshchyna” plans to invest in expanding the range of innovative, health and medical services through the reconstruction of clinical and residential buildings, as well as the construction of a spa center with a swimming pool. This investment project is supported by the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Investment Agency (DIA) and requires an investment of  $1.7 mln.

The Sanatorium is located in an ecologically clean place, in the village Orlivshchyna (Pishchanka village UTC, Novomoskovsk district of Dnipropetrovsk region) and is surrounded by relics forest, bank of the Samara river and magnificent monuments of nature.

The highlights of the Sanatorium are 2 types of mineral waters, which are unique in their composition:

  • Mineral water “Novomoskovska” for internal consumption is used for the treatment of the digestive system diseases and diabetes.
  • Sodium chloride-iodine-bromide solution for external use (mineral, iodide bromide baths). This water has clear bactericidal properties. External use of mineral waters is the basis of balneotherapy.

Currently, the Sanatorium is licensed for more than 76 medical activities and holds a certificate of the highest accreditation category (ISO quality certificate).

The maximum bed capacity is 309 beds, including 293 beds of year-round operation and 16 beds of seasonal operation. 9 dormitories of the Sanatorium are provided with self- heating and all amenities in each room, round-the-clock hot and cold water supply. There are 11 treatment departments.

To create the most comfortable treatment and leisure conditions for holidaymakers according to international standards, the project provides:

  • purchase of new equipment, which will additionally provide 3 types of services and expand 5 existing ones;
  • construction of spa center and swimming pool, – 9 additional services;
  • reconstruction of the clinical building – 4 additional types of services;
  • reconstruction of the residential building №1 to increase 15 in-patient beds.

If your company is interested in the project and wishes to be an investor or partner, we invite you to cooperate. Personal manager of the project “Reconstruction of the polyclinic and construction of the SPA-center “The Sanatorium “Holiday Resort Orlivshchyna” – Halyna Savran, e-mail: savran.dia@gmail.com, tel.: 056 742 86 34.