Involvement of employers in cooperation is the key to the revival of vocational education

Education reform in Ukraine touched the vocational school. Today, the effective implementation of dual education across the country is under consideration. It is based on the German experience.

Its essence lies in the combination of theory and practice for students. Under the new system, young people will spend half of their training time in the workplace of the future employer and gain practical skills. Thus, after graduating from vocational school, the young man begins to work fully on the relevant enterprise. All parties are interested in the success of the dual education introduction: authorities, educational institutions and employers themselves. After all, they will prepare for themselves qualified professionals.

In the regional council, the organization of employers of Dnipropetrovsk region together with the German organization “NORDMETALL” discussed the possibilities of expanding the partner enterprises circle. Representatives of such well-known industries as DTEK, the Prydniprovska Railway, Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Commercial Bank, Astra LLC and others were present. Now experts are being trained in the framework of the “EXAM Dnipro” project, which will involve other employers in the process of dual education. It is planned to expand the list up to 150 enterprises by the end of May of this year.

The chairman of the regional council Glib Prygunov notes: “The success of our German partners experience is 100%. Dual education in Germany has been introduced for over a hundred years. Statistics show that 90% of students enrolled in this system remain working in their respective enterprises. This is extremely important today for Ukraine. After all, the problem of shortage of qualified technical workers, the outflow of young people abroad is very serious. The regional council is a systematic approach to solving these problems, and it is the dual education that should be the way out of the current situation.”

Now from 55 vocational schools of Dnipropetrovsk region dual education is introduced into 12 After detailed monitoring, 16 technical specialties were identified that are in demand today in Ukraine.