KARPIVSKA COMMUNITY: French investments in yeast production, ferruginous quartzites mining and architectural monuments of the 18th century

Karpivska rural territorial community – located in the extreme south of Dnipropetrovsk region and borders on Kryvyi Rih, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. The community is among the ten leaders in terms of financial efficiency in the group of communities with a population of 5 to 10 thousand people.

The sectoral structure of the economy is dominated by agriculture, in particular the cultivation of grain and industrial crops. The enterprises of the community are preferable to grow sunflower, wheat, barley, oilseed rape, millet and corn for grain.

Largest agricultural enterprises:

  • ZHYTNYTSYA UKRAINY LLC 2953 hectares;
  • Private Agrofirm “TAVRIA-SOYUZ” 2216 hectares;
  • Private Enterprise “Agro-industrial complex “SIBARIT” 2064 hectares;
  • ZORYANE Agricultural LLC 1191 hectares;
  • Private Agrofirm «KOBZAR» 1251 hectares.

The community’s exclusivity is the activity of NADEZHDA L LLC, a member of the French Lesaffre Group. The main specialization is the production of pressed bakery and alcohol yeast and yeast milk. Since 2003, the enterprise has been undergoing a process of equipment modernization, which helps to improve the quality of products to the European level. The company is certified according to international standards HACCP and ISO.

The elevator complex of Alkeya LLC is part of the Canadian Group of Companies G.R. Agro. The elevator provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to carry out road and rail loads, and also has a certified laboratory for checking the quality of grain. Last year, the elevator was reconstructed with the replacement of all technological equipment.

The availability of natural resources and an extensive infrastructure ensures the development of the mining industry. Here, the largest Ukrainian producer of iron ore concentrate, PJSC Ingulets Mining and Processing Plant, partially operates. On an area of 2,684 hectares, the Ingulets GOK mines magnetite ferruginous quartzites suitable for the production of iron ore concentrates.

On the territory of the community there are two architectural monuments – the Holy Dormition Church in the village Andriivka and the Church of the Venerable Martyr Evdokia in the village of Yavdotivka. The picturesque mining landscapes of local importance Vizirka reserve are mesmerizing and inspiring. The reserve was established on the worked out lands of Ingulets GOK on the border of the Karpivska community and Kryvyi Rih. Its main part is flooded quarries, dumps and drainage communications. Now an artificial mountain-lake landscape with a secondary ecosystem is being formed.

The territorial community sees further economic growth in the in-depth development of existing sectors of the economy with an emphasis on modernization.

For the implementation of investment projects and business initiatives, the community offers:

  • 7 land plots with a total area of over 140 hectares;
  • 1 real estate object with an area of 31,160 m².

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of Karpivska community by the link.