KYTAYHORODSKA ATC: production of agricultural machinery and potential for cultural and religious tourism


Kytayhorodska amalgamated territorial commynity is located on the right bank of the Oril river, in the south of Dnipropetrovsk region, along the route of state importance H-31 (Dnipro – Reshetylivka). The center of the territorial community is the picturesque village Kytayhorod, which dates back to the Cossack liberation times and still amazes with its unique landscapes and architectural monuments. The main budget-forming component of the community’s economy is engineering industry and agriculture.

“Agricultural Machinery Plant” LLC – is a leading specialized enterprise for the production of grain cleaning machines, grain throwers, grain loaders and fertilizer spreaders. The plant has been operating since 1999 and has a powerful production base, modern equipment, qualified staff and an extensive dealer network in 10 countries. Over 20 years, more than 7000 agricultural machines were manufactured and exported to 20 countries.

Agriculture is the basic in the economic development of the ATC and is focused primarily on the cultivation of grain and industrial crops.

In the field of crop production as a whole 62% of grain and leguminous crops are concentrated, including 17.3% of winter wheat, 12.5% of spring barley, 28.4% of corn for grain; 23% of industrial crops, including: 20% of sunflower, 2.4% of rape, 5% of fodder crops, and 7% of melons and potatoes.

The main agricultural enterprises are “Maiak” LLC, FH “Leleky” and “Shevchenko” LLC. Also on the territory of the community there is an enterprise “Kitamol” LLC, the main activity of which is milk processing, production of butter and cheese.

In the village of Kytayhorod operates an elevator of PJSC “Myronivskyi Khliboprodukt”, which specializes in the storage of grain and oilseeds in compliance with all the conditions necessary for good preservation of crops. The elevator has a certified laboratory for grain quality control. The total capacity for one-time storage is 33.6 thousand tons, the capacity of the auto-loading lines is 700 tons/day, auto-installation – 600 tons/day.

The tourist potential of Kytayhorodska community is determined by its natural uniqueness, historical glory and significant potential. All the versatility of the territory is represented by a sightseeing tour: “Kytaihorodske Dyvo”, which invites you to admire the views of the nature reserve “Mountain Kalytva” and taste the cold spring water from the healing well, as well as visit the unique temple complex of the XVIII century and part of the Ukrainian fortified line of 1731. The “highlights” of the tourist route are Rudkivska ethnic court  – an authentic clay hut under the reeds and a tourist recreation center “Stable-Yard” The Storks”- a recreation complex with an equestrian school for children and adults.

In addition, there are health improvement camps and recreation centers: “Raiduzhnyi”, “Prolisok”,  “Dorozhnyk”,  health center ” Lisova Poliana”.

The community sees further growth in the following priorities:

  • development of industrial entrepreneurship;
  • support for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • development of the tourist and recreational industry.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.