Leading dog training center, granite quarry and underwater museum – domain of the SURSKO-LITOVSKA TC

Sursko-Litovska community is located in the south of the region, 20 km away from the city of Dnipro and is practically the same age as it. The first village of this region was founded back in 1794, although historical documents indicate that the area where the community is now located was known even earlier. In 1707, this territory was inhabited by the Zaporozhian Cossacks who lived along the banks of the river Mokra Sura.

The community is distinguished by developed agriculture, represented by the following main enterprises:

  • «AGROINVEST» LLC agro-industrial enterprise;
  • «UNIVERSALZERNOPRODUCT» LLC manufacturing enterprise;

Their main specialization is the cultivation of grain and industrial crops (wheat, sunflower, barley, coleseed). «Agroinvest» LLC agro-industrial enterprise, which has been operating on the territory of the community for more than 23 years, is also involved in production of bakery products from its own raw materials. The main positions of the assortment of the enterprise – buns with apricot, cherry, apple and poppy seeds are well known to the inhabitants of Ukraine, because it is possible to find these products in leading supermarkets.

Sursko-Litovska TC is known both in Ukraine and abroad as a place where one of the best dog training centers, K-9 Aus Sursko-Litovsk, has been operating for almost 20 years. Created on the basis of a kennel for service dogs (German Shepherds and Dutch Herders), the Center provides its services to clients regardless of their location.

Specialists are engaged in the training of service, hunting and show breeds of dogs according to various training programs. Also, the center is engaged in the breeding of high-quality offspring of service dogs, which are in demand in the police and army of many countries of the world. There is a hotel for animals, where homestay and care services are provided. Dogs raised and trained on the basis of the center have high-quality genetics, a strong nervous system and high ability to execute commands and intensive training. After successfully passing the exams, several boarders of dog handlers from Sursko-Litovske were transported to clients from Europe, the USA and even Indonesia, where they also passed the necessary tests and now serve their masters faithfully.

On the territory of the community, there is a large occurrence with deposits of granite, which is used by the «Novomykolayivskyy quarry» LLC for mining. The main products are granite crushed stone, crushed stone-sand mixture, granite screening dust and quarry stone. The shipment is carried out both by road and rail, because the quarry has its own railway line. A significant amount of products is supplied to the region’s enterprises for the construction of buildings and the development of the region’s transport infrastructure.

Sursko-Litovska community is also known for its «unusual» places for recreation and tourism. In the village of Novomykolayivka there is a lake, which is one of the deepest in the region. It was formed as a result of the flooding of the first section of the Novomykolayivskyy quarry back in the 90s. Then the workers discovered a source of groundwater, and it was decided to suspend the work, but after a while there was a heavy downpour and as a result the quarry was finally flooded. Now the official depth is about 50 meters, but divers who regularly dive into the lake say that at the maximum depth there are several cracks where the bottom is not visible at all. It is for this feature that the lake received the status of «bottomless» and attracts divers, treasure seekers and ordinary tourists from all over Ukraine.

The underwater museum created by enthusiasts deep in the lake is even more amazing. In 2008, during a dive, divers found a «VAZ» car and decided to create a museum and a car park at the bottom of the flooded quarry. The first «exhibit» specially sunk to the bottom in 2012 was the «MT» motorcycle, and then the underwater collection was supplemented by busts of Soviet leaders, computers, mannequins, a Christmas tree and many other pieces of art. The diving community plans to further equip the «bottomless lake», and in the future to submerge a plane.

People who have a rest on the lake may take part in a diving master class, rent equipment necessary for diving, or simply spend time on the shore of a «bottomless lake». There is everything necessary for this – barbecues, gazebos, pier and much more.

Investors interested in this territory are offered 7 land plots with a total area of ​​more than 45 hectares for the implementation of business projects.

For more details on all the offers, please refer to the Sursko-Litovska TC Investment Profile by the link.

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