LIUBYMIVSKA ATC: a powerful mining industry, diversified agriculture and the ambitious cultural and historical project «Nadporizhzhia»

Liubymivska amalgamated territorial community was formed by voluntary unification of settlements of Liubymivskiy village council of Dniprovskiy district and Dibrovskiy village council of Synelnykovskiy district.

On the territory there are several fields with significant deposits of granite and migmatite, as well as 4 quarries, where these rocks are mined. In general, the extractive industry employs about 20% of the community’s population.

Liubymivskiy quarry LLC covers two areas at once – Liubymivska and Chaplynska. This is an enterprise for the production of crushed stone, with reserves of a total volume of 18 million m3 with a maximum annual production of 780 thousand m3. The main feature of the quarry is the «washed crushed stone» technology. About 60% of the manufactured products are consumed by the enterprises of the city of Dnipro and the region, and 40% of the products are exported or consumed by the domestic market of Ukraine.

Rybalskiy quarry LLC owns the oldest field, which has been developed since 1932. There is a railway station on the territory. The area of ​​the open pit mine is about 40 hectares, the maximum depth is up to 120 m. The open pit area at the end of mining will be 85.7 hectares.

AE NOVATOR LLC owns two areas of the Petrovskiy quarry, the field of which has been developed for about 50 years. After the completion of mining, the worked-out area of ​​all 4 quarries will be reclaimed by afforestation and creation of reservoirs for fisheries.

The agricultural complex plays an important role in the economic development of the community, as it employs up to 20% of the working-age population. The largest enterprise is Liubymivka LLC with a land bank of 5885 hectares. Also on the territory of the ATC there are AE NIVA LLC – 465 hectares and Torginvest AGRO LLC. The main specialization is the cultivation of corn (for grain), wheat, sunflower, barley and oilseed rape.

The cultivation of grain and industrial crops is the main, but not the only, specialization of the community’s agriculture. In the village of Vesele, on the territory of the former pig-breeding complex, local businessmen have built an eco-farm. The premises have been restored and goats and quails have been raised for almost two years. A herd of more than 200 heads was formed from local breeds, as well as dairy goats of the Saanen and exotic Anglo-Nubian meat and dairy breeds. The cultivation and maintenance of animals is built on the principles of organic agriculture.

The main products are goat milk, yoghurts, eggs, fresh dietary meats and smoked delicacies.

In addition to the milk collection direction, the enterprise is engaged in the production of cheeses using French technology. In the arsenal of farmers there are 9 types of fermented milk products. The enterprise has developed its own trade mark «O’ferma» and is already a winner of several environmental competitions.

Special attention should be paid to the project to create a natural and historical park «Nadporozhzhia», initiated as part of the Community Development Program until 2030.

At the moment, the stage of collecting materials for the production of design documentation for the objects of the future infrastructure of the park is underway:

  • Tourist and entertainment, historical and Cossack complex «Fortetsya», which will include a historical museum of the formation and development of the Cossacks, an Orthodox church, a Cossack sports center with shooting ranges, stables and a hotel and entertainment complex;
  • Historical and ethnographic complex «Cossack Sloboda» – an ethnographic museum with a small settlement, where visitors will get acquainted with the life and way of life of people who lived in the XVIII – XIX centuries;
  • Restaurant complex of national Ukrainian cuisine – «Shynok»;
  • Variety and concert amphitheater «Spivoche Pole»;
  • Tourist, sports and entertainment complex «Porogy», on the territory of which a hotel complex, a yacht club, diving, fishing, mountaineering clubs and the highlight of the complex will be located – a water park;
  • Eco-settlement «Strilcha zabora».

The implementation of the proposed project, in addition to replenishing the budget and developing the community’s infrastructure, will provide more than a thousand new workplaces. The estimated cost of the project is 631.1 million UAH.

Also, the community proposes a project to create a sports and cultural complex on a land plot with a total area of ​​about 1.5 hectares.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with the offers in more detail in the ATC Investment Profile at the link.

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