LYKHIVSKA TС: flora and fauna diversity of “Hrabivskyi” botanical reserve and favorable conditions for organic farming

Lykhivska TС is a socially united community, an area for the development of small agricultural entrepreneurship, which effectively and harmoniously uses the potential of local nature.

Geographical location and natural resources of the community create favorable conditions for the production of eco-friendly products of grain and vegetable specialization, as well as the introduction of innovative technologies for their cultivation. Free areas and resources of the merged lands create the prospect for the implementation of livestock production, providing its fodder and pasture base

Also, the location at a distance of 25 km to the Kamianske Reservoir creates the preconditions for the development of irrigated agriculture, and the available water resources and natural landscape allow the introduction of fisheries..

The agro-industrial complex, represented by enterprises growing cereals, technical, legumes and oil seeds, forms the leading sector in the economy of the society. The leading companies are:  “INVESTUKR”LLC,  “FE Kommunar”LLC, PE “Kaspii”,  “MAIS”LLC,  “Agroera-N” LLC, “Agro-Sich”LLC , “AGROST” LLC,  “Step”LLC,  “Moie Dzherelo” LLC.

Most producers are small private agricultural enterprises, individuals and self-employed persons. Exceptional farms are: “Veresen”, “Helios”, “Soniachnyi Hai”, which cultivate soybeans in addition to grain. And  FH “Polova Zirka”, which has been operating since 1998, grows gooseberries, thereby developing berry growing.

The uniqueness of the tourist component of the community is characterized by the presence of the botanical reserve of national importance, namely “Hrabivskyi”, which has soil protection and water-regulation values. There are numerous populations of lily of the valley, tulip, Ornithogalum.  The fauna includes more than 50 rare species of invertebrates, in particular oak cerambyx,  pearl butterflies Adippa, Pandora and Hermione.  The reserve is also a valuable center for the European roe deer, wild boar, badger, wood polecat.

Another small reserve is the tract Balka Yaranske, planted with brier and other unique plants.

As of February 17, 2021, the Lykhivska community received 4.1 thousand hectares of agricultural land outside the settlements into communal ownership.  Land ownership and the ability to dispose of it is a tool for strengthening the capacity of the territorial community, the ability to attract additional revenues to the local budget and increase the investment attractiveness of the territory.

Also, in order to attract investment, the community offers:

  • 3 land plots with a total area of ≈ 64 ha.

Priorities for investing in the community can be:

  • passenger transportation projects;
  • creation of grain elevator facilities;
  • and irrigation networks.

For more details on all the proposals, please refer to the Investment Profile by the link.