Mahdalynivska village territorial community, located in the north of Dnipropetrovsk region, has the best soils in the region, climatic conditions, developed meliorative network. Which ensures its leadership in terms of growing and yield of root crops, vegetables, berries, melons and salads..

The key sector of the Mahdalynivska community’s economy is agriculture, which generates almost half of the local budget revenues. The community promotes its development by creating a comfortable level of taxes and fees. The land tax rate for commercial agricultural production is 1%, and agricultural buildings are exempted from property tax..

The largest enterprise and employer of the community is the company “Agro-Oven”, which has a land bank of 12 thousand hectares here. According to which about 700 hectares are used annually for potato growing, and more than 2 thousand hectares are irrigated. The company includes producers of vegetables, root crops, meat and fodder, including::

  • “FE” Kotovka” LLC – cultivation of vegetable crops;
  • Meat-processing complex in the village of Olenivka;
  • Potato processing and storage plant with a capacity of 20 500 tons;
  • COMPOUND FEED MILL Mahdalynivka;
  • Beef cattle breeding stud farm and fodder production of research enterprise “Polyvanivka” of the Institute of Animal Husbandry of the Central Regions of UAAS (joint activity)..

An example of the priority of vegetable growing for agricultural enterprises of the community is FE “Eco-ovochi” in the village of Shevchenkivka, which has been growing borsch set vegetables on an area of more than 500 hectares for more than 20 years and is one of the three largest cabbage producers in Ukraine. The farm actively invests in irrigation systems. In particular, a 2.4 km long pipeline was laid on an area of 160 hectares and two Atlantis sprinklers were purchased.

Remoteness from the industrial centers of the community, allows its agricultural enterprises to grow organic products. “Dvipa” LLC (trademark of organic products AHIMSA ™), cultivates 150 hectares of certified organic land, including 80 hectares under drip irrigation. The company has its own industrial freezing directly in the berries and the production of bio-fertilizers. The quality of the company’s products is confirmed by internationally recognized quality certificates: Organic Standard, EU organic, NOP USDA (USA). 

Food production, in particular dairy products, ensures stable work of milk producers (“Polyvanivka”, “Myr” LLC and “Laura” LLC), which is processed by the Collective Enterprise “Mahdalynivskyi Dairy Plant”. Bread and bakery products for community residents are produced by “Vivat” LLC.

A significant segment of agricultural processing is the production of crude oil and flour and cereals. Among the leaders is “Ecoagrotrade” LLC the village of Kramarka,  “Soniachne Dyvo” LLC the village of Zhdanivka. In addition, “Gurochka” LLC in the village  of Ocheretuvate produces saflower oil.

The community industry is represented by Sheffield Refractories Ukraine LLC, a company with German investment, which manufactures a wide range of ceramic products particularly monoliths for blast furnaces, including accessories, pre-cast molds, as well as Isostatic and other necessary material for continuous casting.

On the territory of Mahdalynivska deposits, hydrocarbons are extracted from 8 deposits that are part of the Vynohradiv-East-Novoselivska group, located in the south-eastern part of the southern riparian zone of the Dnieper-Donetsk basin. In particular:

  • Yuriivske oil-gas deposit, developed by PJSC “Ukrnafta”;
  • Proletarske oil-gas deposit, developed by the “First Ukrainian Gas and Oil Company” LLC;
  • Ploshcha Shevska gas-condensate deposit, extraction is carried out by “Nadragazvydobuvannia” LLC;;
  • Ploshcha Kovpakivska gas-condensate deposit, geological research is carried out by “Fartis Trade” LLC.

Deposits developed by JSC “Ukrgazvydobuvannia”:

  • Skhidno-Novoselivske gas-condensate deposit
  • Vynohradivske gas-condensate deposit
  • Ulianivske oil and gas-condensate deposit
  • Novoselivske oil and gas-condensate deposit

One of the uniqueness of the community is the creation of the first lavender plantation in Dnipropetrovsk region. In the village of Tarasivka on an area of 1 hectare were planted 20 thousand seedlings of narrow-leaved lavender. It is planned that the crop will be used for the industrial production of lavender essential oil. The investment in production is expected to be used to increase the plantation to 20 hectares as a part of a new farm. In addition to production, the plantation will become a new favorite photo area for residents and guests of the region.

Priorities for investment in the community are projects aimed at creating added value for fruit, berry and vegetable products:

  • long-term and modern storage centers;
  • sorting and packaging lines;
  • deep processing (vegetable blends, juices, fruit drinks);
  • indoor cultivation.

For more details on all the proposals, please refer to the Investment Profile by the link.