MARHANETSKA CITY ATC: the southern center of the mining industry and advanced engineering technologies

Marhanetska amalgamated territorial community is located in the southern part of Dnipropetrovsk region, within the Black Sea lowlands on the right bank of the Kakhovka reservoir. The center of ATC – Marhanets – a city of regional importance, located at the manganese ore deposit, which are of world significance.

The main town-forming component of the community’s economy is the mining industry with an emphasis on manganese mining and enrichment. Balance reserves of manganese ores make up – 240 mln tons.

JSC “Marhanets Mining and Processing Plant” is one of the leading enterprises for the extraction and processing of manganese ore, as well as the production of manganese concentrate used in the metallurgical industry. In 2019, the volume of concentrate production amounted to more than 523 thousand tons.

Engineering industry is represented by PJSC “Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant”, one of the main activities of which is the production of equipment and spare parts for crushing equipment. Over the past 16 years, the company has invested in advanced melting and forming technologies in foundry production, for the production of parts and spare parts for imported crushing equipment. Another trend is the production of spare parts for road and construction machinery and mining equipment.

Interfom-M LLC is a member of Interfom Group, is one of the first and largest producers of polyurethane foam in Ukraine with a successful history dating back to 1997. Interfom Group of Companies is focused on the following  business areas: production, processing and sales of elastic and technical polyurethane foam, as well as production and sales of mattresses and pillows of  its own brand Noble ™.

The formation of a diversified economy is provided by 557 legal entities and 1292 individual entrepreneurs. The number of employees in these entities is 7671 people. Their activities are concentrated in such areas as construction, trade, transport and communications, services, hotel and restaurant business.

The community sees further growth in the following priorities:

  • development and modernisation of the mining industry;
  • processing of solid household waste;
  • development and support of small and medium business.

In order to attract investment, the community offers 6 vacant land plots and an investment project for the reconstruction of a landfill for solid waste.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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