Mezyritska amalgamated territorial community was established in 2017 by uniting 3 village councils. The administrative center of the community is the village Mezhyrich. It is one of the largest and the most beautiful villages in the Pavlohrad region, which is rich not only in its Cossack history, but also is known throughout the world as a mysterious place of power. Mavrynska Square is considered to be an ancient temple-observatory, built over 8000 years ago. From up high the square resembles a crab or a spider. Every year the followers of ancient traditions celebrate Yarylo’s Day here and hold Vedic festivals.

In addition to the development of green tourism, the community sees further economic growth in:

  • creation of processing enterprises of agricultural products;
  • restoration of livestock breeding complexes;
  • cultivation of vegetables;
  • rehabilitation of orchards.

The economy of Mezyritska ATC consists of 88 economic entities, which operate in the spheres of food, chemical, agricultural and municipal production and services.

A significant part of business entities, of which 54, are involved in the agricultural sector. The leading specialization of the community enterprises is cultivation of grains, oilseeds and corn, the largest of which are:

  • “ZORIA” LLC – 2623 ha, grow yellow peas, wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, soybeans, perennial grasses, barley;
  • “AC” ISIDA” LLC – 2210.02 hectares, grow corn, wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, barley;
  • FC “YAVIR” – 1525.54 hectares, grow corn, wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, barley;
  • FC “GRANITE” – 1004.18 hectares, grow corn, wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, barley;
  • PJSC “Agro-Soyuz” – 541 hectares, grow corn, wheat, sunflower.

Processing enterprises also successfully operate on the territory of the community:

  • Armoni Cosmetics” LLC is a manufacturer of body care cosmetics and household chemicals. TM “Armoni” presents a series of cosmetics: shampoos, conditioners, cream soap, liquid soap, shower gel. The company has been developing dynamically for 10 years and is competitive on the Ukrainian market.
  • PE “Textra – Vita” has been operating and successfully developing in the market of food ingredients of Ukraine since 2004. Produces high-quality ingredients for bakery and confectionery industry, for dairy industry and ice cream production, taking into account modern market trends. A unique range, own production and laboratory, highly skilled technologists – all this allows the company not only to satisfy, but also to anticipate the needs of the most demanding customers.
  • “Makolei” LLC has been specializing in the production and sale of unrefined crude sunflower oil, calibrated seeds, and cake for 15 years. Since 2011, the company has been packing oil in a PET bottle under the ECO-OLI brand.

Mezyritska community offers for potential investors the project “Creation of fruit, berry and nuts farming on the area of 152.68 hectares” and a land plot of 2.3 hectares to create processing production.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.