MOHYLIVSKA COMMUNITY: French selection technologies, the “First berry” cooperative and cozy recreation centers

Mohylivska TC is a leading community of Pryorillia, attractive for living and working, environmentally friendly and economically developed thanks to innovative agriculture.

The structure of the economy is mono-profile – agricultural. The crop sector is focused mainly on growing grain and industrial crops.

The main budget-forming enterprise of the community is “MAS Seeds Ukraine” LLC, a French seed company specializing in the selection of major crops. The budget replenishment accounts for 36.8% of the community’s total budget revenues.

MAS Seeds Ukraine is a Ukrainian subsidiary of the French seed company MAS Seeds, which is part of the agricultural cooperative group MAISADOUR and has been present on the Ukrainian market for over 10 years. MAS Seeds is a seed processing plant and giant in Ukraine with a production capacity of 1 mln sowing units per year. 90% of corn seeds and 50% of MAS Seeds sunflower seeds sold on the Ukrainian market are produced in Ukraine, other volumes are imported from MAS Seeds seed plants in France and Spain.

The largest agricultural enterprises, the main activity of which is growing corn, wheat, sunflower, barley:

  • “Kolos Agrofirm ” LLC – the land bank is 2479.64 ha;
  • FH “Nove” – 2369 ha;
  • PE “Orion-Agros” – 619 ha;
  • FH “Monica” – 338 ha.

The pride of the community is the “First Berry” cooperative, which was created by 12 entrepreneurs. The total sown area is almost 30 hectares. Up to 150 tons of strawberries and raspberries are harvested and sold here during the season. Emphasis is placed on growing strawberries, summer and remontant raspberries. In addition, blackberries, blueberries, currants, gooseberries, grapes and fruit and berry trees are grown as an experiment.

Now the products of the “First Berry” are known not only in the Dnipropetrovsk region, but also far beyond its borders. In the plans of the cooperative to expand markets and the circle of those wishing to join the “First Berry”. Now they are working on their own brand and a bright logo. Also in the plans to create the production of jams.

There are two elevators on the territory:

  • Mohyliv branch of Optimusagro Trade (village of Mohyliv). Optimus Agro is a leading Ukrainian agro-industrial company, one of the largest processors of agricultural products in Ukraine, engaged in the production of sunflower oil, meal and husk. The company is one of the TOP-5 Ukrainian processors of sunflower seeds, in the Ukrainian market. The capacity of one-time storage of the elevator is 13.2 thousand tons.
  • Elevator “Kolos Agrofirm ” LLC (Mohyliv village). One-time storage capacity 34.6 thousand tons.

The territory of the community has many picturesque places for recreation, sports and health improvement. On the banks of the Orіl river there are six health camps for children and two recreation centers.

Recreation center “Orilskyi Dvir” is located in a picturesque corner among the wildlife. This is the best place for recreation at any time of the year. Elite cottages, sandy beach, water slides, artificial pond, where you can fish and trophy can become specimens weighing up to 15 kg (pike, catfish, carp, white amur and tench). You have a chance to take a trip to the stud farm and ride horses. Get a huge dose of adrenaline and a lot of pleasant impressions by visiting the karting.

Recreation center “Oril” is an ideal place for family vacations. Wonderful reserved nature, clean river, blooming lilies and shells, turtles basking in the sun. Here you can go boating, catamaraning, go fishing or mushroom picking.

The community sees economic growth in the development of:

  • agricultural production;
  • cooperative movement.

For the implementation of investment projects, the community offers available assets – 4 vacant land plots with a total area of 60 hectares. You can get more information about current projects on the Community Geoinformation Portal.

We invite you to read more about the proposals in the Investment Profile of Mohylivska community by the link.