Monument of Ukrainian steppe forestry – “Dibrivskyy ” reserve and variety prospects in VELYKOMYKHAILIVSKA TC

Velykomykhailivska rural community was formed on December 18, 2016, and includes 16 villages. The center of the territorial community is the village of Velykomykhailivka, which is located along the banks of the rivers Vovcha and Vorona. A characteristic feature of the community is a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises working in the fields of agriculture.

The main branch is agriculture, which provides economic security of the society. The crop sector is characterized by the extensive activity of 31 farms, 3 companies and 54 business entities – individuals, and is focused mainly on the cultivation of grain and industrial crops. The main agricultural producers are “Dibrivske” LLC, “Everest” LTD and “Maiak” LLC, FH “Naidon”, FH “Velykomykhailivske”. In addition, a significant number of residents of the community are engaged in individual cultivation of land plots or work in private farms.

Representatives of small business carry out activities in the areas of: construction, trade, repair of cars, household goods and personal items. Trade activities in the community are widespread enough to provide the local population with consumer goods.

As part of the decentralization reform, at the beginning of 2021, an additional 476.92 hectares of land were transferred to Velykomykhailivska TС for communal ownership. Obtaining the mentioned areas will increase the capacity of the territorial community, additional revenues to the local budget and will strengthen the investment attractiveness of the community.

There is one of the most famous forest reserves of national importance on the territory of the community, namely “Dibrivskyy”, founded in 1974. Dibrivsky Forest is the only place in Dnipropetrovsk region where a wide forested floodplain merges with the rocky steep banks of the Vovcha river. This is what gives the area a uniqueness and special flavor. The diversity of Dibrivskyy forest consists of floodplain oak groves, a pine forest, in which there are sometimes areas of age-old forest, as well as relict nuts of birches and aspens – “kolky”. The historical pages of our region are also associated with Dibrivskyy forest.
In this forest, for example, until recently grew an age-old giant oak, near which during the insurgent struggle with the Austro-Hungarian army the united detachments of Dibrovе and Huliai Pole atamans Feodosii Shchus and Nestor Makhno gathered. Dibrivskyy forest is a gold standard of successful ecologically balanced forestry under the conditions of steppe. “Dibrivskyy” nature reserve is one of the oldest in the region.

The community sees further growth in the in-depth development of agriculture and small and medium-sized businesses.

In order to attract investment, the community offers:

  • 1 land plot with an area of more than 24 hectares;
  • 6 real estate objects, with a total area of 3,859 m².

For more details on all the proposals, please refer to the Velykomykhailivska TC Investment Profile by the link.