MYKOLAYIVSKA ATC: the coal industry as a basis and event tourism as an effect of community activity

Mykolayivska amalgamated territorial community is located in the sub-region “Western Donbass”, has developed coal industry and agro-industrial complex.

The main budget makers of the community are DTEK companies:  mine management “Pershotravenske” and “Dniprovske” PJSC “DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia”, “DTEK Service” LLC.

15% of the working-age population is employed at these enterprises, which provide more than half of budget revenues.

The main taxpayers are also agricultural producers: FС “SPAS-2012”, FС “MAKOSH”, PE “U Petrovycha”, FC “Slavutych”, FC “Prometheus”, FC “SAM”, FC “Vidrodzhennia – 2016”, FC “K.V.M”, FC “Smirnovy”, FC “Vilne”.

The key areas of the agricultural industry are: growing grains, legumes and industrial crops as well as breeding pigs, cattle and bees.

The largest agrarian enterprises by area:

  • “VESNA” LLC – 3129 ha;
  • FC “PRESTIGE” – 2279.4 ha;
  • FC “EVRYKA” – 1948 ha.

In addition to grain and oilseeds, the community grows watermelons (FC “Dzherelo”) and apples (PE Gorshkov).

Unique examples of SME development are:

  • SEP Sliusar L.M. – producer of natural meat products;
  • SEP Gorshkov O.A. – producer of natural fruit juices;
  • SEP LESYUK V.B. – atelier ” Mykolaivska needle” (individual tailoring).

Mykolayivska ATC actively participates in the international projects.

In 2019, two agricultural service cooperatives were established with the support of the DOBRE program:

  • “Beekeepers of Prysamaria” – a cooperative for the provision of services for the procurement, processing, sale of honey and pollen, manufacture of joinery; breeding and sale of queen-
  • “Kvitka” is a dairy cooperative with more than 200 cattle and young cattle.

With the support of the USAID and DOBRE Programs, young residents have the opportunity to realize a variety of creative ideas using modern technology. In February 2020, the media center “Youth Residence” was opened.

The new session hall, equipped library of Mykolaivskyi House of Culture and 55 containers for separate collection of MSW is also the result of partnership with DOBRE.

For two years in a row, the U-LEAD with Europe program has been supporting a two-day cycling tour “Cycling Unites the Community”, which gathers more than 200 participants. At the initiative of the public in the village Petrivka installed “The largest metal coat of arms of Ukraine” and the symbol of the community  ̶ The largest metal horseshoe. Both monuments were included in the Book of Records of Ukraine. The opening of these symbols took place as part of bicycle tours.

The area is also famous for its grand festivals. For the third year in a row, a large-scale interregional art festival “Kvitka Prysamaria” is being held in Mykolaivka. The event brings together almost a thousand members of the region’s vocal and dance groups, as well as attracts no less guests.

The community sees economic growth in development:

  • ecotourism;
  • cultural and social services;
  • cooperative industries;
  • small businesses (horticulture, beekeeping, vegetable growing, greenhouses, etc.).

To implement investment projects, the community offers available assets – 7 free land plots with a total area of 80.8 hectares. You can get more information on the Community Geoinformation Portal.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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