New investment projects complemented the DIA’s interactive map

Do you want to know where in Dnipropetrovsk region there are interesting investment projects from communities and businesses? An interactive map and investment portal of the region will help you with this. There are projects in such priority areas as:

  • industry and energy (projects for launching production lines, various types of products, creation of production facilities and “green” projects are proposed);
  • agricultural sector (projects for the cultivation, processing, storage of fruit and vegetable products and the production of dry snail mucus);
  • services sector (projects for the construction of an air cargo terminal, logistics infrastructure, as well as the creation of modern, sports and recreational facilities).

Also, there are mapped both implemented and potential projects requiring funding and which are considering various cooperation mechanisms, namely:

  • equity participation;
  • joint venture;
  • credit line up to 5-7% per annum in foreign currency;
  • sale/rent etc.

If you are interested in the project and want to become an investor or partner, we invite you to cooperation. Project Manager ─ Halyna Savran, E-mail:, tel.: 056 742 86 34.

For reference. An interactive investment map accumulates information about projects and provides communication between project initiators and investors in order to facilitate the attraction of investments in priority areas.