Novomoskovsk TC – modern metallurgy, innovative production and an architectural masterpiece of the 18th century

Novomoskovsk community is the pearl of Prysamaria, represented by one of the oldest cities in the region – Novomoskovsk. The location of the city allows to combine transit automobile (E105 and E50), railway and water transport routes, connecting it with Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and Pavlohrad, which contributes to industrial growth and formation of tourist flows.

The industrial sector of the city’s economy is budget-forming and consists of powerful enterprises in the metallurgical, machine-building, chemical, food, furniture, and paper industries.

The largest enterprises in Novomoskovsk are: JSC “Interpipe Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant” and LLC “Novomoskovsk Tableware”. Interpipe NPP  is one of the largest manufacturers of steel electric welding pipes for main gas and oil pipelines in Ukraine. And “Novomoskovsk Tableware ” is a well-known manufacturer of enamel ware and a brand that promotes the city. The products of the enterprises occupy leading positions in the markets of Ukraine, CIS, Europe, USA and Eastern countries.

The engineering industry is developed by companies that produce pipeline valves, pumps, compressors, power and industrial equipment. In particular, “SoiuzEnerho” Concern, which specializes in the production of shut-off and control valves for the metallurgical, oil and gas industries and nuclear power plants.

One of the largest screw pump manufacturers in Eastern Europe is “Soltek Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant” LLC, which specializes in the design and production of single screw pumps for industrial, food and construction enterprises. At the same time “Elastotech” LLC is a young company which is dynamically developing and producing pumping equipment and accessories for food and chemical industries according to Eurostandard EN 12983-1: 2000.

The chemical industry of Novomoskovsk has a fairly wide range of products. In particular, “Dnipro-Kontakt” LLC produces chemically stable soils and enamels for the protection of metal structures and surfaces that are exposed to high humidity and high precipitation.

The food industry is represented by a well-known manufacturer of bakery and confectionery products LLC “Dniprovskyi Khlibokombinat № 11” LLC.  The company offers consumers cookies and confectionery under the brand “Novik”, and pasta under the brand “Zhytnytsia”.

“Argo Com” LLC is a part of Inter Edinstvo Holding, specializes in the production of ready-made animal feed and is a producer of balanced compound feeds in various forms. The company is equipped with modern equipment of a leading Dutch manufacturer – Van Aarsen.

The construction sector of Novomoskovsk is characterized mainly by the production of building structures. In particular, “Novomoskovsk Plant of Reinforced Concrete and Electrical Products” LLC, specializes in products for distribution systems and produces 1200 items of reinforced concrete products made of heavy concrete. Product quality is confirmed by certified quality management system ISO 9001: 2000.

“UkrHydroMontazh” LLC is a leader in the production and installation of building structures for water supply. The company manufactures water towers, tanks for storage of various liquids and water supply and performs drilling works.

One of the leading domestic manufacturers of energy-saving lighting and electrical devices is “Neomax” LLC, which under the brand NEOMAX offers solutions for modern lighting and electrical equipment.

The company “Utilita” is the only one in the CIS that implements technology for cleaning cullet to a quality that meets the requirements of leading European and world glass manufacturers. Here is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of cullet: collection, further processing and sale of purified cullet to glass factories in Ukraine and abroad.

“MAYYER” LLC is developing the city’s paper industry by investing in a fully self-contained, emission-free factory that produces up to 12 types of toilet paper and paper towels, both in sheet and roll form. All products have a hygienic certificate and meet the standards that apply to this type of product.

Production of furniture is represented by “Ukrtorhobladnannia” LLC. The main focus of the company is the manufacture of commercial equipment, both for the domestic market of Ukraine, and export. The company carries out the design of retail space, production of appropriate equipment and its installation.

Innovative company “NPP ECO CULTURE” LLC offers environmentally friendly solutions for biological protection and pollination of plants. The company established bio-laboratories where bumblebees are grown for natural pollination of various crops of closed and open ground. Such pollination method can increase crop yield by up to 30% and is actively used in organic agriculture and seed production. The company’s products are exported to 15 countries around the world.

In the services sector is promising tourist industry. There is a unique architectural object in the city – Novomoskovsk Holy Trinity Cathedral – a wooden church built in the Baroque style without a single nail. This masterpiece of Cossack architecture from the 18th century is recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Also attractive tourist locations are the Lovers’ Bridge in the local recreation park and the Music Fountain on the city’s central square.

For potential investors, Novomoskovsk offers 14 industrial land plots with a total area of 80 hectares. In addition, the city is actively forming an industrial park in the industrial zone, with existing engineering infrastructure. In the construction sector, 132.38 hectares are offered for housing within the new residential district “Samar”.

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