NOVOOLEKSANDRIVSKA ATC is a recreation and landscape design center, as well as a diversified economic structure

Novooleksandrivska community is located in the suburbs of the regional center and combines urbanized settlements, which are actually residential areas of the city of Dnipro, and settlements of a classic rural type. On the ATC territory there is also the Aviatorske village with the international airport “Dnipropetrovsk”, but it does not belong to the community, because it is an enclave of the city of Dnipro. The peculiarities of the united community geographic location determine, on the one hand, its industrial and commercial cooperation with the metropolis. On the other hand, it provides housing for the Dnipro citizens, who are supporters of the private sector and gardening communities, providing a positive trend in the number of the territorial community residents.

The economy of Novooleksandrivska ATC consists of 225 business entities operating in the production of building materials, food products, agriculture and utilities, landscape design and recreation.

Large-scale infrastructure enterprises operate on the territory of the community:

  • an airport, which is located in the city enclave (JSC AK Dniproavia).
  • the central aeration station of public utility company “Dniprovodokanal” with a daily capacity of 330 thousand m3 provides water purification for the city of Dnipro. A two-stage wastewater treatment scheme (mechanical and biological) is adopted as the basis for the technological scheme of wastewater disposal at the treatment facilities.

The construction sector of the community is represented by one of the largest enterprises – “Novoaleksandrovskii kirpichnyi zavod” PRJSC, which is the leader in the production of ceramic bricks in the Dnieper region. From its own raw materials (clay), which is mined in the Sursko-Pokrovske field, and thanks to high-tech equipment, the plant produces high-quality and energy-efficient ceramic hollow and solid bricks of various assortments, which have high technical characteristics.

Also, the industrial sector is represented by export-oriented enterprises:

  • Dniprovsky factory of construction fastenersLLC (TM WAVE ®) is a national manufacturer of plastic fasteners;
  • “Ital Tiger” LLC is the largest manufacturer of ready-to-use rodenticides and insecticides in Eastern Europe.

In turn, the Private Research and Production Enterprise “Aton” has been producing high-quality medical furniture and trade equipment for over 20 years. During this time, the company has taken a leading position in niche markets.

In the community there is a company “Bastion” CJSC (TM “Nasha Fishka”) specializing in the processing of fresh and frozen fish and seafood and is the largest in Ukraine. The enterprise operates a production with the technology of “shock freezing”, which is focused on the processing and production of fillets, carcasses and caviar of fresh frozen seafood. In the domestic market, the company’s products are sold under the “Nasha Fishka” trademark. Also produced fish products are exported to more than 20 countries of the world and have high ratings in the EU, America and the CIS.

Another food manufacturer, “Valeria and K” LLC, provides the city of Dnipro with high-quality croissants with a variety of fillings, puffs and chocolate.

Agricultural enterprises of the Novooleksandrivska community are focused on growing grain and oilseeds on an area of 14.41 thousand ha. The production of gross products for all categories of farms in 2019 amounted to 166.97 UAH, which is 7% more than a year earlier. In recent years, there has been a steady growth in agricultural production.

The latest technologies and investment attraction enable agricultural producers to obtain consistently high production rates. This is facilitated by the work of research agricultural enterprises, as well as flower and ornamental plant nurseries. In particular, State Enterprise Experimental Farm “Dnipro” carries out research on the agronomic qualities of soil varieties and selection of corn, varietal agricultural technology of this crop, develops elements of technologies for growing winter cereals and integrated methods of combating weeds, pests and diseases.

“Freesia” LLC provides the city of Dnipro and the nearest regions with flowers throughout the year. In turn, the garden center “Sakura” offers visitors decorative trees and a resting place. In addition to the Sakura center, for tourist travel, the community offers the “Barracuda” recreation complex on the banks of the Dnieper River and the “Dniprovskyi Dvir” hotel in the village Voloske and “Kodatskyi kosh” hotel in the village Stari Kodaky.

The community is actively developing the service sector aimed at meeting the needs of potential consumers: household services (4), catering establishments (8), car service centers (9), trade and leisure facilities (30). This is due to the proximity of community to urban agglomeration, changes in the demographic structure, an increase in the number of residents for resettlement from the regional center to private houses, as well as the presence of 54 gardening communities, a significant part of which is used by the urban population for permanent residence.

The specifics of the Novooleksandrivska community location, forms the prospects for its investment development of:

  • housing construction – ensuring the demand of regional center residents and people who have chosen the region for permanent residence, which is confirmed by the positive indicators of the population migration movement, both to society and to the Dniprovskyi district as a whole;
  • logistics and automobile infrastructure – the southern bypass of the regional center with a total length of 61.5 km passes through the territory of the community, which connects the E50, H08 highways and the road to the international airport “Dnipropetrovsk”. Taking into account the active development of the transit road infrastructure on the territory of the community, and the shortage in the real estate market of logistics and office space, the vacancy rate of which in the Dnipropetrovsk region does not exceed 1%, the creation of logistics, retail and office centers and car service centers with packing sites allows the society to offer new territories for the specified investment projects;
  • recreation areas – design and arrangement of recreation areas near water, park, historical and other natural objects.

We invite you to read in more detail about all offers in the Investment profile of ATC at the link.