NOVOPAVLIVSKA ATC: high social responsibility of entrepreneurs as a driver for the development of the leisure and sports industry

Novopavlivska amalgamated territorial community is a hospitable territory, which is aimed at the development of agriculture, social and cultural sphere, as well as the area improvement.

The major part of the able-bodied population is employed in private agriculture. The basis of the economic infrastructure is agricultural enterprises: “Agrofirma Progres” LLC, such farm households as “Sosnovyi Bir”, “Novator”, “Adonis”, “Urozhai-2014”, “Kondratiuk”, “Vodolii” and “Mriya” private farm household. Also farms: “Bondyk MT”, “Ptytsia”, “Bondyk VM”, “Ekopole 2014”, “Sulyma”. The main specialization of which is the cultivation of grain and industrial crops, as well as vegetables.

It is worth highlighting “Bohdanivske – M” LLC with an area of 3254 hectares, which is a large agricultural enterprise for the cultivation of winter wheat and sunflower. The products are exported to Germany.

The direction of vegetable growing is being developed by the “Chuhuivske” farm household with a land bank of 886 hectares. Here there are grown: zucchini, onions, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, beets. And in the enterprise’s greenhouses, which occupy an area of 4000 m², there is grown white cabbage.

The “Chuhuevo” LLC enterprise (2012.1 ha) is unique. It is known not only as an agricultural enterprise for growing wheat and sunflower, but also as a socially responsible one. Its activities are also aimed at the construction of facilities that unite the community, inspire the development of the personal abilities of residents. The “Chuhuevo Arena” sports complex and the “Chuhuevo” park were built at the expense of territorial community. The Solona river channel was cleared and the clean beach was equipped, where there is an opportunity to swim in boats or kayaks.

The community has big plans and potential for tourism development. On the territory there are Horikhova Balka with an area of 1097.1 hectares, the Antonivskyi landscape reserve – 1874.1 hectares, which attract travelers with their landscapes and plants of the forb steppe.

In the surrounding areas of the Filiia village there is a «Regional out-of-town institution of health improvement and recreation ”Liliia”». The camp is located in a forest. The area is ecologically clean, the air is filled with aromas of melliferous and medicinal herbs and trees needles. Picturesque landscapes of forest glades invite children to rest. Water is used from a natural well 70 meters deep. A sports ground, medical care, a varied balanced diet provide all the opportunities for health improvement and relaxation. The camp has 5 solid houses with 180 places.

Local hand-made products of the community’s craftsmen emphasize its tourist attraction. In 2019, ATC won the “Culinary competition” among the Dnipropetrovsk region’s communities for the preparation of authentic dishes, taking 3rd place.

The community offers 1 land plot with a total area of 6.3 hectares for the creation of a children’s health camp within the framework of a public private partnership.

And another interesting idea of the Novopavlivska ATC is to develop the football business, to organize inter-district sports competitions. For this there are modern sports grounds, a hotel and a dining room.

We invite you to read in more detail about all offers in the Investment profile of ATC at the link.