Novopokrovska territorial community has the potential for economic prosperity, social and cultural development, and favorable conditions for doing business. It takes responsibility for the future and is an active participant in international GIZ and U-LEAD projects with Europe.

The agricultural sector forms the economy of the territory. Favorable natural and climatic conditions and fertile lands allow to cultivate various, high-quality food grain. The private sector specializes in dairy and meat production.

A well-known representative is “KSG Dnipro” LLC – a budget-forming enterprise with the largest land bank (11675 hectares), specializing in the cultivation of cereals, pulses and oilseeds. The company actively develops and maintains a high culture of seed production, cooperating with scientific institutions and leading foreign and domestic seed producers. The philosophy of agricultural production is based on the technological concept specially developed to obtain the maximum yield in the conditions of Ukrainian black soils.

There are also large agricultural enterprises: FH “Progress” (2 256 ha); LLC “Merkurii – Myropil” (1666 ha; FH “Vidrodzhennia” (1,517 ha); LLC “Dion” (589 ha); FH “Karat” (518 ha); FH “Serhiiko” (337 hectares).

The fertile land gives the chance to develop gardening in the territory. This direction is represented by: LLC “Fruktovyi Krai” – apple orchard, FH “Oasis” – walnut orchard, LLC “Ukraine” – growing strawberries.

In the livestock industry there are companies specializing in the breeding of cattle, dairy cattle, pigs and poultry – LLC “Sultanov”, FH “Soniachne”, LLC “Modern Agrarian Investments”, LLC “Luhovske”, FH “Agrofortuna”. Special attention should be paid to “Strong-Trade” LLC, a closed-cycle company with pig farms, slaughterhouse and smokehouse. Here, on the basis of its own raw materials, they produce meat delicacies, using meat of the highest grades. Products are HACCP certified and uninjected.

Thanks to its efforts to create a Center for Culture, Leisure, Tourism, and Sports, the community will be able to preserve and develop folk art, amateur art, hold cultural and leisure events, coordinate the activities of cultural institutions and creative groups, and form a new artistic environment for the community. To support its cohesion and identity, the regional festival “UnityFest – From Past to Present” is launched here this year, with both online and offline contests.

Tourist delights of the community will show a unique route “Undiscovered Solonianshchyna”. The highlight of which will be the Alexandropil mound – this is one of the outstanding sites of the Scythian era of the IV century BC, a height of more than 21 m and a diameter of 100 m, with numerous underground passages. The original collection of finds amounted to 10,000 pieces and was the outstanding of all previously discovered in the mounds of the Black Sea region.

Walking along the paths of Tykhivska Balka will allow you to enjoy the picturesque nature, where there are many Red-listed plants. And the territory of Katerynivskyi pond is perfect for master classes and photo shoots, as well as for fans of camping and fishing.

Connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle are offered a “sleep on the hives” in a therapeutic apihouse – a small building with beds placed directly on the beehives. The vibrations created by the bee family are healing, and the most important is the heat produced by the bees.

Novopokrovska TC sees further successful development in:

  • creation of favorable conditions for the development of SMEs and the cooperative movement;
  • inter-municipal partnership and international cooperation;
  • establishment of public-private partnerships;
  • improving the quality of educational services, preservation and promotion of culture, history, traditions.
  • improving the recreational potential of the community and landscaping;
  • improving administrative, social and housing and communal services;
  • implementation of energy saving measures and improvement of the MSW system;

For the implementation of business projects on the territory is proposed:

  • 11 land plots with a total area of 266.3 ha;
  • 1 object of industrial real estate, with an area of 520 m².

For more details on all the proposals, please refer to the Investment Profile by the link.