Vilnohirska city community was formed around the city of the same name in October 2020, located in the north-western part of Dnipropetrovsk region between highways: national importance – H08 and international importance – E50. Additional advantages for potential investors are the presence of a railway in the community (Verkhivtseve – Piatykhatky) and high energy security of the territory.

The leading sector of the community’s economy is industry, which share exceeds 92%. According to the results of 2019, the enterprises of Vilnohirska TC sold industrial products worth UAH 3.1 bln, which amounted to 0.64% of the total industrial output of the region. 

The city-forming enterprise, which forms a significant share of the gross product of the community – the branch “Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant” of the Joint-Stock Company “United Mining and Chemical Company”, is one of the leading enterprises of the metallurgical industry of Ukraine for the production of rare metals concentrates – zirconium, ilmenite, rutile, staurolite. Consumers of products are enterprises of refractory, foundry, ceramic, pigment, metallurgical, glass industries around the world.

At present, the preparation of the “United Mining and Chemical Company” for privatization has been completed. The auction for the sale will be held in 2021. Experts have preliminarily determined the starting price for the privatization auction of the object – UAH 3.7 bln. According to the State Property Fund, the institution has received requests from 13 companies, including well-known specialized companies from Australia, Japan and others.

Development prospects of the mining and metallurgical industry of Vilnohirska community are Group DF’s investments in the construction of a quarry for ore mining in the Motrono-Hannivska area, of Malyshevske deposit of zircon-rutile-ilmenite sands, as well as an enrichment complex for the production of relevant concentrates. The project is being implemented by “Motronovsky Mining and Processing Plant” LLC (, which is building a quarry with a capacity of 2.7 mln m3 ore per year as part of the first stage of production creation. The total investment in the project will be $302.4 million and 1,500 new jobs will be created.

One of the developed clusters of Vilnohirska community is the production of containers and packaging products, including glass.

Such enterprises as “Vilnohirske Sklo” LLC  and  “Sklianyi Alliance” LLC work on local raw materials. They are the largest producers of glass containers in Ukraine and the only ones in the CIS countries to produce transparent, green, olive and brown glass containers. Thanks to creation and development of hi-tech production, the companies have taken the leading position on the market practically in all segments of food glassware. Glass containers from Vilnohirska TC is supplied to the majority of key Ukrainian producers of alcoholic beverages and canned products. It is also exported to 18 countries, in particular Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and the Baltic States.

Another unique production of this cluster of the community is “Trading House KHIMTEK-PLAST” LLC, which specializes in the production of containers and packaging and for over 10 years occupies a leading position in product quality in Ukraine. Due to the use of modern equipment, the company’s products (bags for food and chemical bulk fractions, polypropylene fabric) that are made only from primary polypropylene, have high strength indicators, meet the world standards and requirements.

Production of cardboard packaging products, in particular corrugated paper and cardboard, paper and cardboard packaging, is carried out by “Vilnohirskyi Karton” LLC. Wooden containers and pallets are manufactured by private companies “TUT” and “Ecological Systems”.

Production of special food products is carried out by PE “Fitobad”, which produces dietary supplements: “Activated charcoal Sorbofit-Aktiv”, “Sorbofit-Sorbent” and others, which are supplied to leading pharmacies and retail chains of the country.

The construction sector of Vilnohirska TC is represented by enterprises that also use local raw materials. In particular, “Vilnohirskyi Plant of Reinforced Concrete Products” LLC.  Currently, the plant produces more than 100 items of serial reinforced concrete and is the only enterprise in Ukraine that manufactures unified prefabricated reinforced concrete structures of silos for storage and processing of grain. The company also works according to the individual drawing of the customer and takes an active part in the construction of residential buildings in such cities as Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Kremenchuk, Poltava and others.

PJSC “Vilnohirsk Plant of Building Materials” is another leading enterprise that produces bricks, tiles and other construction products from fired clay, as well as products made of fibrous cement.

The agricultural sector of Vilnohirska community was formed due to the amalgamation of the city of Vilnohirsk and Dmytrivka village council. The majority of agricultural enterprises grow grain and oil crops. In particular, “Dniproahrotekhservis”, “Ahromahnat” LLC , “Absolut Service” LLC and FE “Krona”.

Promising areas for investment in Vilnohirska TC is the processing of products of mining plants in the community, in particular quartz sand for the glass industry, which is used for the production of sheet technical glass, automotive glass, glass blocks, showcases, glass fiber for special glass products. It is investment in the production of sheet glass, which is currently 100% imported to Ukraine, is one of the investment priorities of the community, which is ready to offer potential investors appropriate territories.

The creation of float glass production, as well as the object of industrial real estate – a zirconium refractories plant, are offered to potential investors.

For more details on all the proposals, please refer to the Investment Profile by the link.