Lychkivska amalgamated territorial community is a unique and mineral-rich area, focused on the comprehensive development and improvement of the well-being of its inhabitants.

The uniqueness of the community is oil and gas deposits. The industrial sector is formed by the presence of enterprises for the storage of these resources. Revenues to the budget of PJSC “First Ukrainian Oil and Gas Company”, Buzivska branch of OJSC “Dnipronaftoproduct”, branch of “Agrogaz Proletarske SK” make up almost 70% of the total.

There are also on the territory:

  • Lychkivske oil and gas condensate deposit occurrence with total area of 9 m² and 16 drilled wells.
  • Proletarske gas and condensate deposit occurrence is intended to provide reliable gas supply to consumers of the main gas pipeline Shebelynka – Dnipro – Kryvyi Rih – Izmail. On its basis, Proletarske underground gas storage facility (Proletarske VUPZG) was created. The facility has wells with gas pipelines – loops connected to the gas gathering station. The operation of the storage is provided by a fund of 85 production and 45 special wells. The volume of active storage gas is 1 bln m³, the maximum daily productivity is 10 mln m³

The agro-industrial complex consists of crop and livestock breeding, serves as a guarantee of economic stability of the ATC and is characterized by active development and becomes more professional. The enterprises of the plant growing industry specialize in the cultivation of cereals, legumes and oilseeds. The overwhelming majority are individual entrepreneurs and most of the land is leased by 30 agricultural producers, who use modern technology.

Agricultural producers with the largest land bank are: LLC “FE” AGROS”, PE “Proletar-AGRO”, LLC “Oril-AGRO”, FH “Prydantsevo”, FE “Lychkove”, FH “Izmail”, LLC “AGRO-TERRA SV”, FH “Ruslan”.

Grain storage services are provided at the Oril combined elevator with a capacity of 68.000 tons and the Buzivskyi elevator of LLC “AYAKS” of linear type with a total capacity of 50,000 tons. And services for processing sunflower seeds into oil are provided by PE “Shvets S.M”.

The basis of the livestock complex is pig breeding, FH “Sviato-Nikolske” is engaged in breeding pigs and piglets and has almost 3000 heads.

The key to sustainable development and revival of the Ukrainian countryside is the presence of family mini-farms for cattle breeding, which are represented by PE “Serdiuk NV” and also PE “Nikonenko T.A.”, which was created with the support of SOCODEVI and the Project “Development of dairy business in Ukraine”. The work of the farm is organized taking into account the latest veterinary, sanitary and environmental standards, has an equipped stall places, lighting, ventilation, watering system. To ensure high standards of milk quality, there is a milk block with a tanker for milk cooling and a mini-laboratory for quality indicator determining.

Picturesque nature, availability of historical and cultural monuments and preservation of national traditions by community residents create conditions for the prosperity of the tourist cluster. “Kovpakivka – the Pearl of Pryorillia” is a tourist route which perfectly reflects all the achievements of the community.

Pryorilskyi landscape reserve of national importance is located here, which recorded about 3700 species of insects and a large number of animals listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

This object was created in order to preserve unique steppe, saline and meadow ecosystems. Its total area – 8377 hectares, of which 2038 hectares are occupied by the ATC.

The community sees further economic growth in development of:

  • oil and gas industry;
  • introduction of smart technologies in crop production;
  • cooperative movement in the field of livestock breeding;
  • tourism.

For the implementation of investment projects, the community offers available assets – 5 vacant land plots with a total area of ≈ 50 ha, on one of the plots there is 1 real estate object with an area of 305.5 m².

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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