PAVLOHRADSKA COMMUNITY: transformation of the coal region through investments in mechanical engineering and business development

The city of Pavlograd, founded in 1784 is one of the oldest in the region and the only administrative-territorial unit of Pavlograd city territorial community. Its location along the main highway of the state M30, connecting East and West of Ukraine, creates convenient logistical advantages for potential investors, which in combination with the railway, allow transporting products to the megalopolises of Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and seaports.

The industrial orientation of the city is determined by significant deposits of coal and the activity of CJSC “DTEK Pavlogradugol”. Simultaneously with the mining industry in Pavlohrad formed and developed into powerful and independent industries mechanical engineering, construction, chemical, food and light industries, which form the modern economic profile of the city.

Currently, more than 6,000 business entities in Pavlohrad carry out economic activity, which forms 3.1% (UAH 35,821.5 mln) of the region’s sold products. In particular, the number of these entities is divided into 2.3 thousd legal entities and 4.3 thousd individual entrepreneurs.

The construction industry is one of the modern and technologically advanced in the community’s economy. It is represented by about 200 construction companies and 20 manufacturers of a wide range of building materials. Among them are “Budmeister Building Mix Factory” LLC, which produces more than 50 types of building mixes, “Betoniarnia “Budmeister” LLC, is engaged in the production of wall blocks, other building materials, and reinforced concrete products for industrial and civil construction. “Door Factory” Budmeister ” LLC, manufactures carpentry and joinery: door leaves, boxes, platbands, etc. “Brukland” LLC, is the leading manufacturer of paving tiles, road elements, which introduces all-Ukrainian production network. Among the unique production is noted PE “Firm” Renix”, which manufactures concrete products using granite technology, which allows obtaining high-strength products with a glossy surface and the formation of a texture “under the marble”.

Mechanical engineering is represented by 70 enterprises among which Pavlohrad Mechanical Plant of the State Production Association “Southern Machine-Building Plant named after O.M. Makarov” which main activity is production of elements of space-rocket technology. PJSC “Pavlogradkhimmash” plant is a chemical engineering enterprise, a significant share of production is occupied by equipment for all parts of the market of petroleum products – from mining and processing enterprises to trade organizations. “Pavlograd Plant of Non-Standard Equipment” LLC – has production facilities for machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, welding in a protective gas environment, sites for the manufacture of non-standard metal structures. These and other companies marked in the city profile are interested in cooperating with potential investors and customers of machine-building products. The development of this industry will transform the economy of Pavlohrad.

There are 24 companies operating in the chemical industry of the city, one of the leading is the State Enterprise “Research and Production Association” Pavlohrad Chemical Plant”– the only enterprise in Ukraine that provides services for the comprehensive disposal of ammunition and missiles. It is one of the largest industrial explosives production facilities in Ukraine certified according to the International ISO and OHSAS standards. Research and development activities are carried out here. The industry is also represented by “Unilife.PV” LLC, which produces washing, ironing, cleaning and polishing products under the Green & Clean brand.

The food industry is represented by 30 enterprises. The most famous in Ukraine is “Molochny Dim LLC”, a modern enterprise with French investments, equipped with high-tech equipment for milk processing and dairy production. Products are in demand by consumers in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Maldives and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Light industry is represented by 28 enterprises. Such as: “Kraiar” LLC, which specializes in sewing workwear. And footwear manufacturer ™Karmen, which offers a wide range of goods of its own production from natural materials.

The city government maintains an active dialogue with the community’s entrepreneurs to develop the business environment. There is a productive dialogue platform, which is supported by the Pavlohrad Business Club that provides weekly meetings of both existing entrepreneurs and young start-ups. In support of such initiatives, the Entrepreneurship Development Promotion Program was introduced in Pavlohrad for 2019-2021, which provides financial and credit and investment support, the formation of appropriate infrastructure and resource provision. From the city budget for these purposes in 2020 were used 145,8 thousd UAH, and in 2021 are planned – 204,0 thousd UAH.

The city of Pavlohrad has a wide range of offers for potential investors, from land plots to local business projects. In particular, there are 4 land plots with a total area of more than 100 hectares, on which it is proposed to establish production facilities in priority sectors for investment, including::

To develop infrastructure and solve environmental issues, the city is proposing a project to implement a comprehensive effective system of MSW management in the sub-region “Western Donbass”, which besides Pavlohrad, combines several city, town and village communities.

The business of Pavlohrad invites investors to joint participation in the following projects:

For the rapid implementation of investment projects in the industrial sector, investors are offered a complex of industrial facilities (“Pavlohrad repair-mechanical plant” LLC).

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