Pig breeding – a competitive advantage and a strategic priority for the development of NYVOTRUDIVSKA ATC

Nyvotrudivska rural amalgamated territorial community was created in 2015 among the first 15 ATC of Dnipropetrovsk region. There are about 5000 inhabitants.

Today, the effectiveness of the ATC economic structure is largely due to the vigorous activity of agricultural enterprises in the field of crop growing and livestock breeding.

The largest enterprise-latifundist in the community is Dobrobut Group, which has a land bank of 4212 hectares and specializes in growing grain and industrial crops.

The community also has an extensive network of farms that cultivate almost all types of agricultural crops, with a particular emphasis on: sunflower, winter wheat, oilseed rape, barley, corn for grain and yellow peas.

The livestock complex is represented by pig breeding and is considered as a strategically important industry in the general structure of agricultural production in the community.

Pig breeding and pork production on the territory of the community is carried out by Strong-Invest LLC – the flagship of one of the leading agricultural holdings in Ukraine KSG Agro, which is working on the principle of vertical integration. The agricultural holding is one of the TOP-10 pork producers in Ukraine. The company’s competitive advantage is pig breeding based on high quality Danish genetics. The total livestock of the enterprise is 60 thousand heads, and the broodstock – 4.5 thousand. In the process of breeding, keeping and production, both national standards and strict EU standards are ensured.

The company’s pig farm consists of more than fifty modern buildings for technological purposes, in which high-quality pork is produced using the latest technologies. The annual capacity is 10 thousand tons.

In addition, Strong-Invest LLC ensures the industrial development of the community, thanks to the production of mixed feeds.

The feed-milling plant of the enterprise with a production capacity of 150 tons per day operates to meet the needs of the pig farm for fattening pigs. The enterprise singles out the production of mixed feeds as an important link in the company’s vertical integration.

The company constantly invests in the production modernization. This year, UAH 26.2 million was allocated for the construction of a feedlot for piglets and a breeding shed for breeding pigs, as well as the launch of a new disc grain crusher manufactured by the Danish company SKIOLD.

The community sees further development in the deeper development of pig breeding and crop production.

For the implementation of business ideas, the community offers 1 real estate object with a total area of 500 m2.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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