Pishchanska amalgamated territorial community is one of the economically developed territories of Novomoskovsk district, with a favorable geographical position and rich natural resources.

There are 17 industrial enterprises on the territory of the community, which meet modern environmental standards and do not burden the environment.

Among them are several unique ones:

  • LLC Novomoskovska Trykotazhna Fabryka – is a professional manufacturer of tights, seamless and hosiery under the GIULIA brand. The assortment of TM GIULIA consists of more than 3,000 items of tights, stockings, knee – highs, socks and knitted products in seamless technology. The company produces 100,000 pairs a day and exports its products to more than 50 countries.
  • Fanatic Brewery – the largest craft brewery of European level in Ukraine, equipped with the latest equipment of the Hungarian company ZIP Technologies. The most important feature of this enterprise is detailed automation with perfect control and remote monitoring system. Through the introduction of innovative technologies, as well as the development of new recipes, brewers are expanding the boundaries of established canons, changing outdated, limited ideas about beer and demonstrating the richness of flavors and aromas of the drink with a long history. Beer is brewed from natural ingredients, without pasteurization and filtration, with responsibility for quality and impeccable purity in production.
  • INFOOD factorya modern producer of dry and liquid egg products of the highest quality. INFOOD is the best specialists of the country and modern technologies that have no analogues in Ukraine. This symbiosis allows the factory to produce unique quality egg products. The factory’s capacity can process up to 2 million eggs per
  • NOVACORE® premix production plant is an international project implemented in Ukraine to promote the technological modernization of Ukrainian livestock and poultry The plant is built on European technology with the joint participation of Ukrainian and international capital. The capacity of the plant  is 36 thousand tons of products per year, which allows to fully meet the needs of both Ukrainian and foreign producers of mixed fodder in high quality feed mineral – vitamin supplements (premixes).

The agricultural sector of the community is represented by 50 agricultural enterprises. These are mainly small farms and companies whose main activity is growing grains and oilseeds (wheat, barley, sunflower, corn).

The largest agricultural enterprises are:

  • LLC “Farming company “Svitanok”– 3206.35 hа;
  • LLC “Farming company “Orlivshchyna” – 1114.6 hа;
  • FH “Mishyn and Mishyn” – 1049.99 hа;
  • LLC “OVSP “Prysamarie” – 1019.48 hа.

Also, on the territory of the community there is a production facility of LLC “Sigma”, where about 1000 heads of pigs of meat breeds are grown. It is a large pig-breeding facility, specializing in growing meat breeds of pigs, as well as the construction and reconstruction of modern pig complexes. Today SIGMA LLC is one of the recognized leaders in agricultural business of Ukraine.

The community is the main health resort and the actual regional resort of Dnipropetrovsk region. There are well-known all over Ukraine “pearls of Prysamaria”sanatoriums “Resort Orlivshchyna” та “Solonyi Lyman”, as well as a large number of hotels, resorts and recreation centers.

The sanatorium “Resort Orlivshchyna” is located in one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean corners of Dnipropetrovsk region – the village of Orlivshchyna. Nature has generously endowed these places, relict forest massif is spread around the sanatorium, the Samara river flows nearby, and several natural monuments are located. The resort specializes in treating digestive organs, heart and blood vessels, musculoskeletal, nervous and endocrine systems, and metabolic pathologies.

The sanatorium “Solonyi Lyman” which is located near a large salt lake in the village of Novotroitske. “Solonyi Lyman”  attracts tourists, who strive to find an ideal place for health improvement of their own body. It treats diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, helps to recover from injuries. The “highlights” of the resort are the unique composition of therapeutic mud and healing mineral water. Every year more than 5,000 people from all over Ukraine are rehabilitated in the sanatorium.

Pishchanska community  – is a favorite place for recreation among residents of the entire region. There are more than 50 hotels, country complexes, boarding houses and recreation centers. The most popular are:

  • Hotel “Hudson”;
  • Hotel “Ostrov River Club”;
  • Park Hotel “Golden Beach”;
  • Country complex “Makarotniki”;
  • Health Complex “Black Pearl”.

For further economic growth, the community chose the following development priorities:

  • modern technologies of agricultural production, especially organic;
  • small and medium industrial production;
  • obtaining the status of a regional resort;
  • housing construction.

To implement investment projects, the community offers available assets – 5 vacant land plots with a total area of 69.3 hectares and 1 real estate object.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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