Pokrovska amalgamated territorial community is a modern steppe agropolis, which creates favorable conditions for residents to live and do business due to high-tech agriculture and the development of the processing industry. A hospitable region that generously shares its achievements.

The community economy has agro-industrial specialization. 6 agricultural firms, 32 farms and about 450 individuals operate in the agricultural sector. The main direction of which is: grain growing, leguminous and industrial crops, processing of meat and dairy products and manufacturing of feed for animals and poultry. Gross harvest of cereals makes it possible to fully supply Pokrovska ATC with food grain, the livestock industry with forage and to cover the need for seed material.

The largest enterprises of the community are: LLC “ Vidrodzhennia”, LLC “Rodina”, LLC “Kolos”, LLC “Sich-Agro”, LLC “ Zemlia “, LLC “Obrii “, FH “Pokrovchanka”, which from year to year increase crop production.

Vegetable growing is developed by LLC “KG AGRO”, the main activity of which is growing of vegetables and melon crops, root and tuber crops.

Greenhouse facility is represented by the company FH KLYMCHUKA V.M. which specializes in growing cucumbers. Greenhouses occupy an area of 5000 m² and average yield is 25 tons.

Grain storage and certification services are provided by LLC FE Kontraktova. The elevator of the enterprise is of linear type and has a capacity of 61.400 tons for simultaneous grain storage.

Livestock industry is successful and powerful. The community is a leader in the implementation of dairy cooperatives and international experience. On its territory there are agricultural cooperatives “Molocharske” and “Dobrobut Andriivky”, which were established with the financial support of the Government of Canada, the company “Danone” and Heifer International in collaboration with the Canadian non-governmental organization SOCODEVI, in cooperation with the Canadian NGO SOCODEVI, ICF “Communities Welfare” and the Agricultural Consulting Service.

Demonstration Farm Molocharske is the only training center for dairy farmers in Ukraine, glorifies Pokrovska community. The company is focused on the production of high quality milk with high content of fat and protein in accordance with national standard DSTU and produces three varieties: extra-class, higher and first. The partner of the farm is Danone plant, which has high standards and is an active consumer of available products. At the moment there are 235 purebred stock of “Jersey” breed, unique for our country, brought from Denmark. The volume of investments in the startup amounted to UAH 23 million.

The Agricultural Service Cooperative (ASC) “Dobrobut Andriivky”,  is formed by family mini-farms with up to 20 cows each. The total number of cattle is 400 heads. The volume of harvested milk is up to 5 tons/day. All mini-farms have refrigeration units and equipment for the milk receiving station.

Trends in the cooperative movement are also supported by beekeepers. ASC “Medok” is a leader in the procurement, packaging and sale of honey. The volume of the product reaches up to 80 tons per honey month.

Progressive producer of the industry and one of the main employers is LLC “Obrii”, which has breeding plants for cattle breeding and breeding reproducer for sheep breeding. The number of cattle is 1990 heads, sheep – 1460 heads.

The industrial complex is characterized by the activity of the following enterprises: LLC “Metan” produces products from concrete, sand and cement. PE “Lakokraska” – manufacture of varnishes based on paint polymers. LLC “Agrodiesel” manufactures pesticides and other agrochemical products. LLC “Pokrovski Maisterni” – furniture production.

The tourist potential of Pokrovshchyna is due to its natural versatility, as well as convenient geographical location. Unique landscapes of steppes, forests, grassy meadows, historical monuments, park areas, stone beams give the community the right to consider the steppe pearl of the south-east of Dnipropetrovsk region. To make sure of it, it is necessary to pass tourist routes:

  • “Insurgent Pokrovshchyna of the late XIX – early XX century”;
  • “Cossack trails of Pokrovshchyna”;
  • “Camping route”;
  • “Bicycle or hiking route with the length of 11 km”.

According to the rating of the Foundation “Regional Center for Economic Research and Business Support” Pokrovskaya ATC entered the TOP-20 communities of Dnipropetrovsk region, taking 3rd place. The study takes into account 40 criteria and reflects the investment attractiveness of communities in 2020.

For business ideas Pokrovska ATC offers:

  • 7 land plots, with a total area of over 130 hectares, including 2 proposals:

            Production of armed concrete and ceramic products (7.96 ha);

             Construction of wind power plant (92 hectares).

  • 5 real estate objects, with a total area of about 1579 m².

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference. 

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