Raivska community offers areas for investments

Raivska ATC is one of the largest in the Synelnekove district and is located almost in the center of Dnipropetrovsk region, at the intersection of European and international highways, as well as the main railway branches of the region.

For the territory investment development, the community offers available resources, and this is convenient logistics, well-developed engineering infrastructure, more than 50 hectares of free land plots of different intended use, in such sectors as:

  • services (logistics infrastructure and leisure industry);
  • energy (“green” projects).

Some land plots are located in ecologically clean areas suitable for the creation of recreational complexes.

It should be noted that for investors, who are interested in the business projects implementation in the community territory, there are offered a number of preferences, aimed at facilitating both the start and operation of enterprises in various fields. It is also provided full support of the project, from the initiation stage to its full completion.

For the convenience of users, investment proposals and land plots are plotted on an interactive map of Dnipropetrovsk region.

Personal offer manager ─ Halyna Savran, e-mail: savran.dia@gmail.com, tel.: 056 742 86 34.

The uniqueness of the Raivska amalgamated community and its attractiveness for potential investors are due to the activities of large enterprises in the field of selection and seed production. Agro-corporation “Stepova” is engaged in the cultivation of various hybrids to order and specializes in the complex revision of various agricultural crops seeds with minimization of injury. Synelnykivska Selection and Experimental Station is a large industrial manufacturer and supplier of primary and elite seeds of all agricultural crops, which are grown in the steppe zone of Ukraine.
More information in the profile of the Raivska rural ATC by the link.