Since the beginning of the construction market formation, the refrigerated warehouse property sale and rental in Ukraine, annually there is an excess of demand over the supply of modern refrigerated warehouses.

According to experts, the shortage of refrigerated warehouses will be at least another 6 ̶ 7 years. Despite the fact that the industrial cold market is growing annually by 20-30%, its deficit is about 1 mln m2.

The growth of the industrial cold market is not always keeping pace with the dynamically growing demand for modern refrigerated warehouses. The increase in supply of industrial cold is constrained by the high cost of construction, engineering and operation. These factors limit investors’ interests.

According to Knight Frank Company, for the refrigerated fruit storage construction, you need to spend from $ 800 to $ 1.5K for 1 m2. While for a dry warehouse, this amount will be from $ 500 to $ 800 per 1 m2.

Thus, taking into account the loan funds and the project timing, a cold storage area of 10K m2 will cost the investor $ 7-10 mln, and dry $ 5-7 mln. Currently, prices for turnkey warehouses have increased by 15 -20%.

In most cases implementation of these projects, is carried out for credit funds. The cost of which is high for interested parties. Given the fact that gardening products are focused on the domestic market, lending is carried out UAH at a rate higher than 20%. Export growth, which is recorded on results of the harvest 2018 *, does not affect yet the financial performance of agricultural enterprises in order to attract external financial resources.

There are several mechanisms to reduce the shortage of industrial cold:

  • construction of appropriate storage systems for fruit and vegetable products by the investor;
  • use of the state program of compensation for the construction of refrigerators for fruits **;
  • creation of “cold cooperatives” and / or share participation of the agricultural sector representatives.

In the relevant services are interested such enterprises of the Dnipropetrovsk region:

  • Ahrofirma KOLOS Ltd;
  • Farming household METEORYT;
  • UNICON PJST and others.

 DIA is ready to be a communicator between representatives of agro-industrial complex of the region and a potential investor in order to implement investment projects.

In the Catalog of investment projects there is an investment project of the Vidrodzhennia farm: complex for the storage of fruits and vegetables and its sorting which provides for the construction of a refrigerator with adjustable gaseous environment, designed for high-quality storage of fruits and vegetables, followed by sorting, packaging. The total capacity of the complex will be 5000 tons.

* In 2018, Ukraine exported more than 42 K tons of apples with a total value of $ 15 mln, which is the best result for at least the past five years.

** Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine allocated UAH 100 mln to compensation for construction costs of refrigerators for fruits, in order to resolve the situation with an excess of apples.

In 2019, about 15 enterprises are applying for compensation for the construction of refrigeration equipment under current requirements.