Saksahanska territorial community was established on September 13, 2017. The center of the community is the village Saksahan, one of the oldest settlements in the region. It includes four village councils, which together make up nineteen settlements. The territory of the community is rich in sandstone, white clay, granite, which can be used for the production of building materials. It has fertile black earth, water resources. The main waterway of the community is the Saksahan River.

The leading sector is agriculture, which provides the economic security of the community. Private farms raise cows, pigs, sheep and fish. Cereals, oilseeds and vegetables and orchards are grown on the territory of the community.

The activity of 52 farms, 6 companies, 42 private entrepreneurs, and 14 individual entrepreneurs are connected with agriculture.  A significant number of residents of the community are engaged in the cultivation of land plots on their own and work in private farms. The main agricultural producers are “Bila Krynytsia”, “Olmikar” LLC, FE Volodymyrivska” LLC, “Agrocenter K” LLC, “Chapaieva-Plius” LLC.

Representatives of small businesses are also engaged in activities such as construction, repair of cars, household goods, and consumer goods. Trade activities are widespread in the community to provide the local population with consumer goods. There are 39 trade establishments, including 13 grocery stores, 6 household stores and 20 with mixed trade.

The priority for the community is the development of agriculture and the support of small and medium-sized businesses.

In order to attract investment, the community offers:

  • 2 land plots with an area of 38.6 ha;
  • 1 water body with an area of 24 hectares.

For more details on all the proposals, please refer to the Investment Profile by the link.