The progressive development of Shyrokivska ATC is ensured through renewable energy, a stable agricultural sector and natural resources.

Modern trends in “green” energy have been introduced in the ATC. 4 investment projects for the construction of alternative energy facilities have already been implemented, two of which are supported by Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency:  

  • in the village of Shyroke, LLC “GP SOLAR” built a solar power plant with an installed capacity of 8.5 MW (area of 18 hectares). The total cost of the project was $ 12.7 million;
  • near the village Shestirnia LLC “Ekotechnik Shyroke” built a solar power plant on an area of 21 hectares with a capacity of 7 MW with the involvement of EBRD loans in the amount of $6.9 mln.

The economic basis of the community is provided by the agricultural sector, which consists of 70 agricultural enterprises of various forms of ownership, including: 17 limited liability companies, 47 farms and others. Many companies specialize in cultivation of cereals and industrial crops.

The largest enterprises, whose land bank is more than 35% of the total area of ​​agricultural land:
LLC “Suziria” ( sunflower, barley, wheat, rapeseed, yellow peas, corn for grain)
LLC “Shestirni” (sunflower, wheat, Barley, oilseed rape, millet, colza, yellow peas, perennial herbs)
LLC “Shyroke”  (sunflower, rapeseed oil, wheat, barley, barley for malt)
LLC “ShestirniAgribusiness” ( sunflower, wheat, barley for malt, barley)
FH “Titan” (sunflower, oilseed rape, barley, wheat, corn for grain)

Industrial and communal services in the community are provided by two enterprises:

  • PJSC “Agropromtekhnika” (providing services for repair and maintenance of industrial equipment);
  • Municipal enterprise “Frunzenske public utility company” (water intake, treatment and supply, installation of water supply networks, heating and air conditioning systems, sewerage, drainage and wastewater treatment).

Shirokovskaya community is generously endowed with extraordinary natural resources concentrated in the ravine of Kobylnia, which is located in a few kilometers from the Cossack village of Shestirnia. It is the object of the nature reserve fund of the Dnipropetrovsk region, its length is 50 km, and the area – 2500 hectares. Landscape geosystems of the ravine are a unique and valuable natural phenomenon, where there are rare plant species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Natural vegetation creates favorable conditions for a variety of fauna, especially birds.

The ravine of Kobylnia s rich in water the Kobylnia River flows here, which is formed by more than 30 springs, there are several ponds and lowland swamps – a unique phenomenon for steppe Ukraine. The ravine contains areas of surface karst manifestation wich are the only ones in Dnipropetrovsk region, including underground karst caves. In addition, there are archeological monuments on the territory: settlements of the Late Bronze Age (XIV-XII centuries BC), several settlements of Cherniakhivska culture (II-IV centuries AD).

The community sees its strategic task as creating a Cossack ethnopark of leisure and recreation to promote the pearl of Shyrokivshchyna and southern Ukraine.

To implement business ideas, the community offers 6 land plots with the total area of more than 11 hectares:

  • 1 proposal from ATC “Creation of a restaurant facility with additional services”

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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