SLOBOZHANSKA COMMUNITY: leadership positions, financial capability and a powerful diversified economy

The Slobozhanska territorial community was formed in 2015 and expanded in the fall of 2020. Now it consists of 6 settlements and successfully competes, creating better living conditions. The community borders on the city of Dnipro.

The word “superiority” is a synonym for Slobozhanska TC. The community was one of the first in Ukraine to apply for the creation of a united territorial community; opened the first Center for the provision of administrative services in the state; the first to create its own strategic development plan; the first – long before the medical reform – founded the Family Medicine Center. That is why when everyone remembers the achievements of the Slobozhanska community, they also often say “for the first time”. For example, Slobozhanska community was the first to start building a residential building for people on the waiting list; here for the first time they began to deal with the problems of the elderly, organizing a communal institution “Myloserdia” to take care of them; and also opened the first kindergarten in Ukraine, built without a penny from the state budget.

According to the level of financial capability, Slobozhanska community took the 4th place among 110 Ukrainian communities with a population of more than 15 thousand people. Own income per inhabitant is UAH 25.2 thousand, and the indicator of expenditures of the general fund per one resident is UAH 22.3 thousand, and these are the first largest indicators in the mentioned group of communities.

The community’s budget is largely formed by taxes from businesses. Large companies operate here, including those with international investments, producing meat and sausage products, chocolate and confectionery, ceramic tiles and polycarbonate products, as well as providing construction, logistics and wholesale services.

Since 2005, a manufacturer of ceramic tiles INTERKERAMA LLC, a company with foreign investments, has been operating on the territory of the community. The company has installed the latest Italian equipment, which allows producing 12 mln m2 of products per year. INTERKERAMA LLC sells its products under the trademarks “Inter Cerama” (ceramic tiles), “IG INTER GRES” (porcelain stoneware), which are now chosen by millions of people in more than 10 countries of the world.

For 28 years in the urban type settlement Slobozhanske, the Meat FactoryFavorit Plus” has been operating, which leads the top ten leaders of the meat and sausage industry in Ukraine. In 2020, the Factory provided almost 10% of the community’s budget revenues. This modern, technically equipped enterprise offers a wide range of meat products for every taste – 140 items under such trademarks as “Dobrov”, “Miasna Lavka”, and “Kovbasnyi Riad”. According to expert estimates, the share of MF “Favorit Plus” in the Ukrainian market of meat and meat products is 18.5%.

Also, for more than 20 years, the Meat Processing Plant “Yuvileinyi” LLC has been operating here, which occupies a leading position in the production of sausages and meat delicacies in Ukraine. The production of the meat processing plant is built on the principle of a closed technological cycle. The process begins with the slaughter of livestock, and ends with the production of finished products, its storage and sale. In 2011, a new ultra-modern shop for the production of raw smoked and dry-cured sausages was put into operation and launched. And in 2012, a workshop for the production of semi-finished products was put into operation. Currently, a network of about 13,000 outlets in different regions of Ukraine receive the products of the Meat Processing Plant “Yuvileinyi” both through its own branches of the company and through distributors.

Since 2003, SOTON LLC, the number one manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets in Ukraine, has been successfully operating in the community. The range of the company’s products is divided into monolithic and honeycomb polycarbonate sheets, melted by extrusion. The production is carried out on modern Italian and German equipment. Raw materials are used exclusively by the world’s leading manufacturers, which allows the company to produce high quality products with a total capacity of 3,500 tons per year. The company’s products are certified according to European standards. The company has its own laboratory, where it conducts regular testing and inspection of products. SOTON is a recognized manufacturer in the markets of Europe, the USA and the Middle East, as evidenced by numerous shipments in these markets.

The basis of the community’s agro-industrial complex is made up of 69 agricultural enterprises of various forms of ownership and subordination and 26 individual entrepreneurs. Agricultural entrepreneurship is focused mainly on crop production. The main directions of production activities are the cultivation of cereals, including high-quality food grains, industrial and vegetable crops, gardening, as well as pig breeding.

SIGMA LLC is a defining enterprise at the community level and one of the recognized leaders in the agricultural business of Ukraine. In 2020, record production indicators for the company were achieved – 6,000 tons of pork. At the beginning of 2021, SIGMA LLC is in the TOP-15 rating of the best manufacturers in Ukraine. The main branches of the enterprise are located in the village Stepому Slobozhanska TC – mother house (1800 sows, 80 farrowings per week) and rearing complex. Also, the company’s production sites are concentrated in the Novomoskovsk and Synelnykove districts.

FE Pidhirne LLC, which specializes in the cultivation of apples of such varieties as Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and Fuji, has been operating in the company for 6 years. Today, the territory of the gardens covers an area of 51 hectares. The farm is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, and in addition to expanding the apple orchard, it also plans to grow other crops. All products of FE Pidhirne comply with European standards, and quality and environmental friendliness are the main principles of the enterprise. In production, only certified fertilizers and protective equipment are used, which guarantees complete safety and naturalness of apples. FE Pidhirne LLC sells its products under the RIOLA trademark. They can be purchased in the largest Ukrainian supermarket chains (VARUS, Velyka Kyshenia, Silpo, METRO, FOZZY, TAVRIA V), as well as abroad.

Trade enterprises make a significant contribution to the development of the community’s economy. A powerful trade agglomeration of representatives of well-known national networks and world companies arose along the main transport routes: ATB, Metro, Epicenter, Auchan, Oldie and others. Thanks to them, a significant number of new jobs have been created. The activities of these business entities are aimed at serving residents and guests of the regional center.

The investment attractiveness of the community is emphasized by the activities of 5 enterprises with foreign investments that already operate here:

  • “INTERKERAMA” LLC (Singapore) – production of ceramic tiles
  • Meat factory “FAVORIT PLUS” LLC (Cyprus) – food industry
  • “TRANS LOGISTIC” LLC (Cyprus) – road freight transport
  • “VIDEO-STORY” LLC (Cyprus) – wholesale
  • TS AGRO-SOYUZ LLC (Cyprus) – wholesale
  • Shopping Center “Mercury” LLC (Belize) – service sector

As well as the availability of free areas for the potential location of new industries. For the implementation of investment projects, the proposed assets are 6 free land plots with a total area of 45 hectares and 5 real estate objects with a total area of 7782 m2.

The community sees economic growth in:

  • diversification of the structure of the economy;
  • development of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • development of the humanitarian and social sphere.

For more details on all the proposals, please refer to the Investment Profile by the link.