Sofiivska amalgamated territorial community has an agricultural orientation, about 90% of the area of which is occupied by agricultural production. The direction of activity is exclusively crop production. Favorable natural and climatic conditions allow growing all types of grain crops, as well as sunflower.

Currently, 6 large agricultural and 22 small farms are located in ATC. More than 40% of the community’s residents work on its territory. It is planned to increase this indicator due to diversification of development directions.

The priorities of the community are:

  • crop and vegetable production;
  • restoration of cattle and fish breeding;
  • revival of traditional beekeeping and horticulture.

The vast majority in the agricultural sector are enterprises for grain growing, legumes and oilseeds: LLC “Kamianske”, FH “Region”, LLC “Zlagoda odyn”, FH “Astron”, FH “Slavutych”.

The industrial sector is represented by LLC “Sunoiltrade”, which specializes in the production of oils, fats, briquettes and oil meal.

There is a 2.3 hectare granite quarry and 10.5 hectare kaolin deposits, which can be developed in the future.

Sofiivska ATC has chosen the path of digitalization, which is confirmed by the adoption of IT strategy, which aims to:

  • improving the quality of service provision (modernization of CNAP and utilities),
  • introduction of a register of community residents and automated systems for local governments,
  • optimizing the use of available community resources.

In 2017, with the support of the Program (DOBRE), the community became the first to create a site on the Dosvit platform, which serves as a tool to inform and involve residents and entrepreneurs in the community. In recent years, several new providers have been operating here and are constantly expanding their high-speed fiber-optic Internet coverage. Mobile operators cover most of the territory in the center of which 4G is used.

The community investment portfolio includes the following list of projects:

  • “Creation of a dairy farm”,
  • “Creating a fishery”,
  • “Creation of specialized farms for vegetable growing”.

And for the implementation of business ideas are offered:

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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