SOLONIANSKA ATC: organic crop production, poultry breeding and polymer technologies as factors for sustainable competitiveness

Solonianska amalgamated territorial community is in the process of decentralization transformation. As a result, the population of ATC will double to 25 thousand people, and the area will increase 2.8 times and amount to 83.4 thousand hectares.

The location of the community is 40 km from the city of Dnipro, between the H08 and E50 highways, has led to the presence of a significant number of industrial enterprises, mainly in the town of Solone and the villages of Nadiivka and Vasylivka.

The share of industry in the structure of the community economy is 44%, or UAH 633 mln. This sector of the economy is formed by producers:

  • polymer materials – LLC “Plant Polimerdetal” (trademark “SoloPlast”),
  • components and materials for metallurgical products manufacture LLC ” Tekhmet ” and LLC “Scientific and Industrial Enterprise” Intermetal,
  • metal structures and products LLC “Plant Metalist”.

Also registered in the community are companies whose production facilities are located in other cities, in particular PE “Vasari” (production of specialized mudguard coating), LLC “VSMPO TITAN Ukraine” (production of pipes, profiles and fittings of titanium), LLC “Dnipropetrovsk sewing factory” (clothing production).

The construction sector is represented by a foreign investor LLC “Caparol Dnipro”, which actively invests in the production of new products and offers modern paints and building mixtures. In 2019, the company opened a line for the production of dry building mixtures with an investment volume of $1.7 mln.

The field of services is diverse and modern. The activity of the Landscape Bureau “RainGarden” is exceptional. The offered services of which are a new and perspective branch, covering all types of works on landscape design and gardening, from land plot design to garden maintenance. There is a picturesque author’s garden on the territory, which gives visitors unforgettable impressions. Local farmers use GPS monitoring services of LLC “Locarus Ukraine” and outsourced accounting services of PE “Lira Accounting Service Center”. Trade and restaurant business are represented by 214 and 21 entities, respectively.

The processing industry of the community is focused on production of:

  • cereals and flour – LLC “Service Pack” and LLC “Soiuz”;
  • dairy products and rennet cheeses of OJSC “Solonianskyi Dairy Plant”.
  • food products of LLC “Ridnyi Produkt”.

Agricultural sector of Solonianska ATC, with annual production of 728 mln UAH, is the leader of economic growth. In addition to growing grains and oilseeds, the community ranks second with 912 thousand heads in poultry breeding, fourth in meat production (12792 tons) and berry growing.

The modern trend is the cultivation of organic products. Export-oriented LLC “UkrBioLand” is an agricultural service cooperative with a certified land bank of more than 5,620 hectares. The company is among the TOP-5 largest organic producers in Ukraine by farm size. The company has developed an ecosystem of modern organic farming, including quality seeds, modern agricultural machinery, processing equipment and stable logistics. Apart from wheat, rye and peas, the company grows unique crops for the region – triticale, lentil, mash, chickpea, flax, amaranth.

The high quality of the products is confirmed by international standards, such as:

  • European Union Organic Production and Processing Standard (EU-Bio)
  • BioSuisse Standard (Switzerland)
  • National Organic Program Standard (USDA-NOP)
  • Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS).

Investment projects are actively implemented on the territory of the community, namely:

  • LLC “Agromaister” – made capital investments in the reconstruction of a pig farm for 840 pigs (180 tons of meat per year).
  • A Slovak investor, has invested about €2 mln and opened LLC “Dolyna Agro” in the village of Bashmachka, specializing in growing pumpkin seeds.

Due to the expansion of the territory and access to the Dnieper River, Solonianska community is planning through the development of:

  • river logistics;
  • organic production;
  • cultivation and processing of vegetables.

The community also offers projects to create agricultural or industrial production and livestock.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference. 

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