The second longest quarry in Ukraine, the park “Veseli Terny” and the landscape reserve “Inhuletskyi steppe” – pearls of the Gleyuvatska TC

Gleyuvatska territorial community was the first of those created in the Kryvyi Rih region. Its name comes from the word gley, which means clay. This is due to the specific structure of the soils, since they are really heavy and viscous like clay.

In general, these lands are rich in natural resources – clay and sand, which can be used for the production of building materials. Also, on the territory there is the Annivske deposit of brown coal and iron ore, Ternivske deposit of nickel and cobalt and dumps of soft rocks of the Kryvyi Rih granite quarry and the Northern ore mining and processing plant.

The main areas of the economy that form the budget and create workplaces are the extractive industry and the agro-industrial complex.

It should be noted that it’s in the Gleyuvatska TC that the second-longest iron ore quarry in Ukraine is Annivskyi, which is part of the PJSC Northern ore mining and processing plant. The length of the quarry reaches more than 5 kilometers, the design productivity – 10 million tons of crude per year, and industrial reserves are about 500 million tons. The enterprise annually pays more than UAH 15 million to the budget for the use of mineral resources.

One of the largest industrial enterprises of the community – «GRANITE GROUP» LLC, established by the British company «GRANITE CORPORATE ALLIANCE LIMITED», has been mining granite, decorative and building stone, as well as limestone, chalk and shale for 15 years.

The main specialization of the agricultural sector in the community is the cultivation of wheat, sunflower, barley and oil seed rape.

The largest agricultural enterprises of the Gleyuvatska TC are:

  • S(F)H «IM. T.G. SCHEVCHENKA» – 2317 ha;
  • FH «TRISKALO» – 1860 ha;
  • «YARYLO» LLC – 364 ha;
  • FH «ZELENOPILSKE» – 317 ha.

In addition to a developed economy, the community has many scenic countrysides to visit. One of these is the park «Veseli Terny», which was created on the principles of English gardening art several decades ago around the palace of general Kharin. The modern territory is about 17 ha, and the park itself has turned into a real reserve, because in addition to numerous floral forms (century-old oaks, maples, pines, gleditsias etc.), one of the most rare insects in Ukraine – deer beetles, which are included in the Red Book, also settled here.

The largest area with virgin steppe in the region is the landscape reserve of national importance «Inhuletskyi steppe». This environmental facility was created in 2002 and currently covers an area of more than 65 hectares. There were found 43 species of plants and 122 species of animals with different conservation status.

On the coastal slopes of Inhulets there are many outcrops of migmatites and granites, watery-transparent quartz, pink microcline and many others.

The community offers investors and interested parties land plots with a total area of ​​183 hectares for the implementation of business initiatives.

Detailed information about this region and its features is available in the Investment profile of the TC at the link.

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