Tokivskyi granite, waterfalls’ cascade and the only steppe canyon in Europe – the natural wealth of HRUSHIVSKA COMMUNITY

Hrushivska rural territorial community is located in the south of Dnipropetrovsk region on the right bank of the Kakhovske reservoir.

The pearl of the community is the hydrological natural monument «Waterfall on the Kamianka River», which is also known as the Tokivskyi waterfall – this is one of the most beautiful places in the Dnipropetrovsk region and the only steppe canyon both in Ukraine and in Europe.

In fact, there are several waterfalls here at once, and they form a small but very picturesque cascade. The total height of which is about 6 meters, and the banks of the canyon in some places reach 30 meters and consist of pink, red and gray granite, which is more than 2 million years old. The stormy streams have created a real oasis where you can hide on a hot day and lie in a real natural jacuzzi, admiring the unforgettable steppe landscapes. This area is shrouded in legends and is mentioned by ancient Greek authors. And, if you want to imagine how the steppe land of our region looked like when the father of history Herodotus described it, or Homerus, remembering the northern Cimmerian people, is worth visiting Hrushivska community.

The waterfall on the Kamianka river together with the geological natural monument «Picturesque canyon on the Kamianka river in Tokivski granites» and the ornithological reserve «Floodplain of the Bazavluk river» are part of the landscape reserve of national importance «Kamianskyi coastal river complex». Here, on an area of 2 615 hectares, one of the most valuable areas of wildlife in the Ukrainian steppe is kept.

Picturesque natural resources are a potential for both tourist and economic development of Hrushivska TС.

On the community’s territory there is the Tokivskyi granite deposit, which is considered one of the largest in Ukraine. Fine-grained red-brown granite is mined here. Due to its excellent performance characteristics, the stone is in demand in various fields of construction. It is mainly used for cladding buildings, memorial complexes, making balusters and railings for stairs. Tokivskyi granite is popular not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Stone mining in the community is carried out by two enterprises – State Enterprise «Tokivskyi Granite Quarry» and the Branch «Production unit Kyivkyi quarry PJSC «Mining and stone processing plant «Bilychi».

The agricultural sector development is also facilitated by the natural resources availability. The overwhelming majority of the community’s soils are ordinary and southern chernozems, characterized by significant fertility. The area of the community’s farmland is 124.17 km² (47.6% of the total area of TC), including arable land – 108.41 km² (41.5%). The main areas of the community’s agriculture sector are the cultivation of grain and industrial crops. 20 enterprises of various forms of ownership and subordination are engaged in plant growing. It is worth noting that they mainly grow wheat, sunflower, barley and millet.

To provide local enterprises and farms with services for the storage and logistics of grain crops and sunflower there is an elevator complex «Apostolovo-Agro» (Tik), which has been part of the Prometey Group of Companies since 2019. The complex is linear and consists of six-floor storage warehouses. The total storage capacity of warehouses is 20 thousand tons. It is possible to simultaneously store up to 4 types of crops, such as wheat, barley, rapeseed and sunflower. The elevator is equipped with a modern laboratory that is certified for the abovementioned crops.

The community sees further economic growth in the development of:

  • cooperative agricultural production;
  • processing enterprises;
  • tourist and recreational sphere.

For the implementation of investment projects and business initiatives, the community offers:

  • 7 land plots with a total area of over 60 hectares;
  • 2 real estate objects with an area of over 6 000 m².

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of Hrushivska community by the link.