The economy of Tomakivska ATC is based on agricultural production, processing of agricultural products and industrial enterprises in the field of construction, processing of minerals and packaging products production.

Traditionally for the community, wheat, barley and corn predominate in the cultivation of cereals, and among oilseeds – sunflower and rape plant. Compound feed, cereals, oil, meal pellets and honey are produced on the territory of the community (“Oberig” LLC, “Skoruk A.V.” FH, “Ahrotsentr Rozvytku Bdzhilnytstva SPAS” LLC, etc.).

“Paltsia O.O.” FH grows apples in gardens with an area of 10 hectares.

PE “Pershe Travnia” is the only one in the field of industrial production of wool. The number of cattle and the tendency to increase meat production also remains stable. The dairy enterprise “Inter-Mol” LLC forms the demand for milk production by the farms of almost the whole district and provides with dairy products the nearby cities.

Industrial enterprises of Tomakivska ATC produce construction materials, joinery, packing containers for eggs and cover-up for bulk materials. In particular, packaging for chicken eggs is produced by “Tomakivskyi Zavod Lytoi Tary” LLC.

In the conditions of the decentralization of the community economy, the social and economic development of the ATC is impossible without sufficient funding of capital investments, primarily in the modernization of production of high-tech and competitive high value-added goods, and increase of their exports, as well as introduction of innovative and energy-saving technologies.

Capital investments in Tomakivska ATC are directed at:

  • introduction of modern agrarian technologies, which allowed to increase yields since 2000 by 2.5-3 times.
  • infrastructure development, including street lighting, water supply, road repairs. This year, the reconstruction of the park under the regional project “The Territory of Comfort” has begun.
  • production of new types of products by enterprises. For example, PE “Padukh V.V.” invested in a slag block production line in 2019. Tomakivskyi Zavod Lytoi Tary LLC is currently investing in the production of a new type of packaging for eggs.

Prospective growth can be achieved through the development of:

  • berry growing (strawberries, raspberries and other berries growing as part of the agricultural cooperative);
  • poultry farming;
  • logistics infrastructure.

Tomakivska ATC offers for implementation an investment proposal for the creation of automotive infrastructure for recreation and maintenance, as well as industrial premises with existing engineering infrastructure for agricultural production or the creation of a logistics center.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference.

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