Vasylkivska ATC is a financially stable community with balanced economic development and quality infrastructure. There are enterprises on the territory that use modern technologies and promote the production of agricultural products. The sphere of services has also been developed and preconditions for attracting investors have been created.

The commissioning of Vasylkivska mini-HPP was a successful history of attracting domestic investments in ATC. It is the only and exclusive enterprise not only in the community, but also in Dnipropetrovsk region as a whole. The volume of investments amounted to 6 mln UAH.  The station generates 130 kW per hour. Electric power is supplied to the general network and is environmentally friendly.

The economic capacity of the community is increased by the ability of businesses to cooperate. Thanks to the partnership and support of the Canadian “Project for the Development of Granaries and Agricultural Cooperatives in Ukraine”, “First Cooperative Elevator” LLC was established. The total capacity for simultaneous storage is 12700 tons, the type of elevator is linear, and the type of storage is metal silos. In addition, such elevators are still functioning:

  • “Soniachne Nasinnia” LLC with a total capacity of 22400 tons, which has a certified laboratory for grain quality control. This elevator is of linear type, storage is in bulk. Geographical location of the elevator near the railway station “Ulianivka” allows loading and unloading on  grain carriers.
  • “Standard of Ukraine” LLC with storage capacity of 50 000 tons is offered for sale.

Agriculture is the main direction of economic activity of the community. There is a good quality of arable land and well-developed agricultural enterprises. The potential of the agro-industrial complex is to support the development of modern and ecological agricultural production.

This sector is aimed at growing cereals – wheat, barley, corn, and oilseeds – sunflower and winter rape.  The key enterprises are: “Agrofirma Victor” LLC, “Sadove” LLC, FH “Michurina”, FH “DARII-K”.

In the livestock sector, the leading place is occupied by the pig breeding complex “Abla Center” LLC with a closed cycle of production, has a stock of more than 8.5 thous. pigs.

The industry sector is represented by the quarry of “Kvartsyt DM”LLC. The company carries out opencast mining and primary processing of minerals, namely quartzite, produces unformed refractory materials of siliceous composition. Currently, the volume of production is about 40 thousand tons per month, and the main types of products are: metallurgical quartzites; crushed stone construction; refractory lining mixtures; construction sands, sands for filters of water intakes.

Vasylkivska ATC sees further development in:

  • hydropower industry;
  • extractive industry;
  • elevator infrastructure;
  • livestock breeding;
  • cereals and industrial crops growing.

For the implementation of business initiatives, 8 vacant land plots with a total area of more than 70 hа are offered, as well as 4 real estate objects with an area of 89 to 1384 m².

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference. 

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