Verbkivska ATC has a developed infrastructure, powerful industrial production, a high level of administrative, medical, educational, cultural and social services. In addition, the territory of the community is directly related to famous historical events and figures.

The specifics of the ATC are mining, agriculture and tourism, including medical.

The main employers are PJSC DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia, which are in fact budget-forming, as they provide almost 80% of all revenues, thus, the community is able to invest significant amounts of money in its own infrastructure and development.

The following industrial enterprises operate on the territory of the community:

  • Geroiv Cosmosu MG PSD,
  • Tsentralʹna Zbahachuvalʹna Fabryka Pavlohradsʹka
  • Branch of Pavlogradvantazhtrans Enterprise of PJSC DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia
  • Forest warehouse of PJSC DTEK “Pavlohradvuhillia”.

Agriculture is an equally important branch of Verbkivska ATC. Almost 77% of the total land area of the community is occupied by agricultural land At the same time, the main directions of development of the agricultural sector is the production of grain, technical and vegetable crops.

The largest agricultural enterprises:

  • FH “Kyiv”, PE “Stepove”, LLC “SNP-Ukraine” – grain growing and oilseeds;
  • FH “Peter”, “Troianda-E2000” – sheep breeding (over 500 heads).;
  • FH “Stavku” – pigs breeding (1000 heads);
  • “Fisher” LLC, “Komus” LLC – freshwater fishing and fish farming.

In the sphere of medical services it is worth noting the sanatorium “Soniachnyi”. It is a modern health resort, known in Ukraine and abroad, which creates favorable conditions for medical tourism and comprehensive rehabilitation and treatment. The building of the sanatorium is located in the middle of coniferous and deciduous forest, and near the Samara river, which serves as a source of natural air humidification. “Soniachnyi” has a developed medical infrastructure, modern equipment and facilities needed to provide highly qualified treatment and rehabilitation care to patients. Also, the sanatorium has a wide range of procedures, including the following: hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, mud therapy and physiotherapy.

The historical heritage of the community is represented by a number of monuments, including the chute “Iiskove provallia” in Kocherezhky, which has a unique value as one of the most ancient objects of the Cossacks in the area near Samara. Scientists link this area with the settlement of Cossacks and monks in the lands of the modern ATC and the National Liberation War of 1648-1657. Some historians also note that the chute has a direct link with Kyrylo Tarlovskyi, who is the founder and colonizer of the territory where Verbkivska community is located.

The future development of the ATC is in:

  • development of ecotourism;
  • development and support of small businesses (horticulture, beekeeping, vegetable growing, greenhouse etc.);
  • establishment of new enterprises in promising sectors: (woodworking, construction materials, flour milling, etc.).

To implement ambitious investment projects, the community offers available assets –19 vacant land plots for various purposes with a total area of 220 hectares.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of the community by reference. 

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