VERKHNODNIPROVSKA ТC: effective industrial diversification, partnership with foreign investors, and comfort territory

Verkhnodniprovska community is self-sufficient by its logistical capabilities, diversity of agricultural and industrial complexes and has a positive dynamics of economic growth.

The investment attractiveness of TG is confirmed by local preferences for its leading economic sectors. The rental and land tax rates for industry, recreation and agriculture are the lowest in the region at 3% (rental) and 1-1.5% (tax). There is also a zero real estate tax rate for the industrial sector.

Industry is the budget-forming sector of the community’s economy. Its structure is highly diversified and consists of:

  • processing of agricultural products;
  • food industry;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • metallurgy;
  • extraction of minerals;
  • light industry.

The food industry provides 69% in the structure of the processing industry. In particular, the volume of sold products of PJSC “Dniprovskyi Starch and Syrup Plant” is about half of the total sold industrial products of the community. A successful example of foreign investment in the food industry is the activity on its territory of LLC “Laikored Ukraine” (Cyprus), which is a producer of beta-carotene. There are also enterprises for the production of pasta, flour, cereals and vegetable oil in the community.

The engineering industry is represented by enterprises that produce railway, automobile and refrigeration products. PJSC “Verkhnodnniprovskyi Machine-Building Plant” produces railway freight cars, and LLC “Verkhnodnniprovskyi Automobile Repair Plant” together with German investor Witec Holding GmbH have established the only production of automotive semi-trailers for cargo transportation in the region. LLC “Astra” designs and manufactures commercial refrigeration equipment. The company has implemented more than 4500 projects for retail chains, logistics centers, meat and dairy producers, including remote monitoring projects at infrastructure facilities.

The positive dynamics of development is demonstrated by the metallurgical industry. PJSC “Verkhnedneprovskiy Casting-Mechanical Plant” and LLC “Shliakh” produce sanitary ware, stop valves and non-ferrous metal products. LLC “Tsentrrezervuarservis produces tanks for petroleum products and liquid mineral fertilizers.

On the territory of the community, Collective Enterprise “Dnіprovskyі quarry” develops Borodaevskyі granite deposit. Design production capacity is 260 thousand m3 per year.

The light industry sector of the community is represented by the activities of garment manufacturer LLC “Rhythm-M”, specializing in the manufacture of women’s, children’s and work clothes.

The agricultural complex is focused on the cultivation of grain and oilseed crops, as well as milk and meat production. Enterprises of the community demonstrate positive dynamics, both in the growth of sold products and yields. For the last 10 years, the production of agricultural products has almost doubled. Agricultural enterprises are distinguished by high crop yields, which on average amount to 65.6 cwt/ha of crops. Such indicators allow the community to take a leading position in the region.

In the extensive structure of the services sector, pecial attention should be paid to health and recreation facilities, namely the state sanatorium “Slavutуch”, park-hotel “Family Stars” and the recreation center “Arman Group” LLC.

For the attention of potential investors, we present proposals formed by the community with the support of DIA experts:

  • creation of machine-building production on the territory of a complex of industrial constructions with provided engineering infrastructure;
  • creation of a modern sports and recreation ecological recreation center for 250 people by reconstructing the existing recreation center “Dniprovski Svitanky”;
  • creation of a refrigeration cluster – 6 industrial complexes for the production and maintenance of industrial refrigeration equipment for the food industry;
  • location of industrial production on the territory of the factory complex of the former feed production;
  • creation of agricultural production on the territory of the former complex of pig farms, with a total area of 10,000 m².

Today in the village of Myshuryn Rih, LLC “Unigrain Basis”, the founder of which is a grain corporation COFCO Corporation (PRC), is already implementing an investment project to increase the capacity of the river terminal.

We invite you to read more about the community’s proposals in the Investment Profile of  Verkhnodniprovska community by the link.